Letters for Nov. 21, 2007


Heavy praise

Thanks for covering this show [“Heavy Contact celebrates a DJ birthday”; Nov. 14, 2007; by Dave Roberts]. I’ve been following Heavy Contact for a few years now and they are no doubt one of the up and comers in this small town who have the passion and ability to make it out. Please report on them again in the future.

Jamison Taylor

High Point

Politically inclined

He is right about Iraq, and right about NAFTA, CAFTA… [“Candidate Ovittore”; Nov. 14, 2007; by Jordan Green]. The killer for me is he basically sounds like a socialist. When people are truly educated about socialized medicine, they don’t want it. Those with serious problems in Canada or the UK come to us for treatment if they can afford it. Those countries also don’t have the illegal immigration problems we have. And get rid of the electoral college? I think I’ll defer to Thomas Jefferson on that one.

Overall it was a great piece that showed the candidate’s positions. Please run a front-page article on Ron Paul, someone who is truly anti-establishment and hugely popular. A quick tour of Google or YouTube will confirm that.


Nick Duncan


You guys stink!

Over the years your weekly has become boring. The only column that I enjoy on a regular basis is Amy Alkon’s Advice Goddess. Ogi Overman’s columns are a big waste of time and it has been so long since he’s written anything interesting that I’ve stopped checking. Actually, the only reason I pick up your paper is because I like to work the crossword puzzle. But even that is messed up most the time. Either the puzzle print is so small that I can’t read the clues, or the solutions aren’t included, or the solution that is included is for a different puzzle. I checked online tonight to see if I could find the puzzle solution for this week’s (Nov. 7) puzzle, but if it’s here, I couldn’t find it.