Letters for November 28, 2007


A new New Testament?

There is more than one passage in the Bible about anti gay problems [“Casting stones?”; Nov. 21, 2007]. There is a lot it is a detestable act in the Bible it is stated many times it is wrong.

People want to change the wording of the Bible to suit different times and of course it can’t be done.

If it could we might as well scrap the Bible and write a new one.

John Lowndes

Veterans debate

A million thanks go to you and your publication for this story [“Disability payments held up for some Iraq vets”; Nov. 21, 2007, by Jordan Green]. Many more thanks from my family and I go to Jordan Green for his demand for answers that I could not obtain in the two years that I’ve questioned the VA. If it had not been for your efforts perhaps I’d be telling my story again next year.

Veterans, let’s continue to fight for our rights! Let’s hit the VA with the shock and awe they deserve! USE THE PRESS.

Quentin L. Richardson


Give me a break. I’m at Bucca now, and was here when this soldier was present in April 2005. PTSD for Bucca? We’re practically in Kuwait. Nothing happens here. So he saw a dead body, no different than any cop or paramedic in the US. This guy is a loafer on the government dime. Give me a break. Man up. Anti-depressant meds for Bucca? This guy is clearly lazy and needs to go get a job.


Camp Bucca, Iraq

Jordan’s with the band

Hey Jordan,

I just read your review of Mouser/Quiet Hooves/Marijuana Wolf/etc. on the website for YES! Weekly magazine [“Weird meets silly at indie show”; Oct. 17, 2007] and I wanted to let you know that I found it to be a delicious piece of music journalism, and I’m not just saying that because you gave a good review to my husband’s band (Mouser). I’m pretty sure we spoke for a few minutes at the show – I was taking photographs, we were going to talk shop, but then that obnoxiously loud band started playing and conversation was ruined.

Stacey Marie

Athens, Ga.

I have been following this band from High School in 1995 [“Crowd’s going Southbound 49’s way”; Nov. 21, 2007; by Jordan Green]. You portrayed this band to a T in your article. They have the dreams and the drive to make it big and they have certainly gone through the steps; however that door just hasn’t opened up yet.

They are a great group of guys with huge, wide-open hearts who have never met a stranger. Their fan base grows more and more every time I see them.

As a result of this group, I was able to see my best friend more, meet great friends in the band as well as the fans and meet my husband. I wish SB49 all the best and love you all. Cannot wait to see them again, soon!

Jennifer Shaw Jones