Letters for November 7, 2007


Of Van Halen, rocking and miracles


I read your magazine pretty regular and felt compelled to drop you a quick line. I got a good feeling reading the letters to the editor from last week where all those folks wrote in commenting about your piece about the Van Halen concert last month [“Monsters of Rock”; Sept. 26, 2007; by Brian Clarey]. I just thought, “That’s so cool – he’s still a rocker at heart!” I am still one at 52 years old too. Big time! I think if one is a true rocker, it never leaves you, you know (I’m listening to Deep Purple cranked as we speak! Ha!)

Also, I got a kick out of this week’s cover graphics about “Cold Case: Reopening an unsolved triple-homocide, 35 years later” [Oct. 17, 2007; by Tim Bullard].

Friendly regards

Susanne McDaniel


I believe a true “miracle” happened. Dave and Van Halen back together.

Life is subject to time and mischance…. But, a lot of prayers from people turned God’s favor back onto David Lee Roth and Van Halen.

Many a time in DLR Army I posted this prayer: “We ask God to keep his white light of protection around them, to lead, guide, guard, direct and protect them now and always. Ask God to forgive their sins, their faults, and their failures; forgive the things they have done, and the things they have failed to do. And never let them pretend that they don’t need God (as the things of this world run through their brains).”

Katie Lee Daniels Roth


Looking for Craddocks

I am Billy’s second cousin [“Back in studio, Crash Craddock burns to perform”; Jan. 3, 2007; by Ogi Overman]. I’ve followed his career since I was a little girl and would go with my father to hear him sing every chance I got. My dad’s name was David. He passed in 1998. Billy did attend my sister’s funeral when she died many years ago before I was even born. I am now 43 years old. I am his biggest fan! I just got the internet and wanted to look and see when he was performing again. I did attend the bridge dedication a while back. I would like more info back when he sang in Australia and see any pictures of that era. Oh, when’s the family reunion? I don’t know how to contact the family if Debra Padgett or anyone in the family could call. I met her and Jessie (Billy’s sister) at the dedication of the bridge and she told me some things about my dad. They invited me to the hotdog meal that was at the VFW nearby and make me feel very welcome. I want to thank them for that.

Phyliss Craddock


Candidates speak out!

Hi Amy,

I enjoyed your article on “Rise of the aerotropolis” [Oct. 24, 2007}. One tidbit you’ll be interested in if you don’t already know it: As you mentioned the Triad has recently come into compliance with federal air quality standards (we’re just barely below the minimum requirement). However, EPA plans to make the standards more stringent on Jan. 1. At that time we’ll again fall into non-compliance. Add to that the adverse impact on air quality we’ll experience when the FedEx hub opens, and its clear we need continued aggressive action to reduce emissions of air pollutants. Otherwise we’ll face EPA sanctions, in addition to the negative health impacts of air pollution.

All the best,

Joel Landau


Congratulations on once again being as far from the mark as you can get [“Greensboro election 2007: Our picks; Oct. 31, 2007]. All $45,000 plus (not $9,000) of Matheny’s donations came from the seekers of influence you purport to rail against.

It’s nice to have a media source that is so comfortable with wearing two faces, I mean you say you are for responsible development and also you support the status-quo candidate who has been shown in your own ink to appear to be for sale and has, repeatedly, sold his vote. He has no quantifiable stance on any of issues confronting the city. If you ever expect anyone to take this publication seriously it’s time to get serious. Oh, and hire a fact checker. I have the highest hopes and expectations of breaking the lock grip of the people you endorse and finally bringing the truth to the citizens of Greensboro since you are not comfortable doing it.

Signed, the pugnacious critic.

Joe Wilson


To all who were involved in the process of endorsing me as an at-large candidate, I humbly thank you!

I am honored by your choosing me and I can assure you, if elected, I will treat the position with the respect it deserves and will listen to all citizen input carefully and intently. This campaign has been a life experience for me and has shown me that there are many citizens just like me who would like to make a difference.

Again, I thank you and hope I will be working with each of you when elected.


Marikay Abuzuaiter


Sweitzer likes Page 3

Hi, I’m writing concerning the article written about Hunter Gurley [Local Talent; Oct. 31, 2007]. I am an X-ray technologist. I attended Forsyth Tech. In our profession the proper title that we carry or is given to us is “technologist.” The radiography program is an intensive one, which earns one an associate degree in applied science of radiography. The title “technician” is given to one who fixes or repairs things. As an X-ray technologist, we don’t fix or repair, we study technology. Please render us the proper title that is earned and given in any future writings. Thank you so much for your time. Have a wonderful day.


In response to the article about Emily Byrd [Local Talent; Sept. 26, 2007], the local weather girl. Yes, Emily is easy on the eyes and does a great job. Love seeing her report the five day forecast. Thanks Emily, keep up the great work! She is so positive and full of energy. She brightens my day.

Jonathan Sweitzer


Full-frontal Thore


First off many thanks to you and the photographer for covering the show [“Sullivan bids for legend status”; Oct. 31, 2007; by Jordan Green]. I was so excited to have YES! Weekly be represented at the inaugural event of the Tobacco Road Music Series.

However, I picked up a copy today and I have to admit I was taken aback.

As a professional writer and critic myself, I would want someone to make me aware if there were mistakes in my work which is why I am writing you. Below are just a few of the things I noticed:

• “[T]wo day promotional sprint” – no it was the launch of a two-year music series for the Triad (Tobacco Road Music Series) – of which YES! Weekly was a sponsor and Terry was chosen to launch it based on his last performance here and the response he generated, and also to support his solo CD, THEErthMoovsaroundTHESun, which was never mentioned.

• The piece was written in present tense vs. as a postmortem which is confusing – I actually got an e-mail from a reader who wanted to know if there was a show this weekend.

• “[R]eddish curly hair” – minor point but Terry has dark brown hair

• The tuberculosis quote was a misquote – Terry does not have any form of TB.

• You were complimentary of the performance but started the entire piece with a reference that Terry looks like a monster from The Hunchback of Notre Dame. While I love Victor Hugo as much as any one, an attack on someone’s physical appearance, IMHO, makes the rest of the nice things you said cancel out.

And again I do appreciate you reviewing the show, and I hope you will take my feedback in the spirit in which it is intended.


Kim Thore


Jordan Green responds: I stand behind the accuracy of my reporting.