Letters for Sept. 17, 2008

Two from Tilly

I am responding to Alexander Cockburn’s outrageous defense of Sarah Palin [“At least two cheers for Sarah Palin”; Sept. 10, 2008]. With her in charge, I can see very bad things happening to America. For starters, John McCain might decide to go into Iran and then he might die three months later. Thus, our soldiers would be in Iraq, Iran and Afghanistan simultaneously with President Palin in charge. Suddenly, Russia decides to invade us like they did in Red Dawn except there will be no C. Thomas Howell or Patrick Swayze to save the day in real life. And paranoid, fringe right-wingers who have been worried about their grandchildren speaking Arabic or Spanish will have to accept that they will be speaking Russian instead! This may sound over-the-top, but it is much less so than hearing an ‘ber-partisan like Cockburn who probably still thinks Joe Lieberman is a left-winger spew nonsense about a person whom Alaska House Speaker John Harris (a Republican) described as being greatly unqualified to be vice-president.

I was really taken in by your article about Virginia Foxx’s opponent [“Mayberry-style progressive takes on arch conservative”; Sept. 3, 2008; by Jordan Green]. It’s kind of strange — I’m a Democrat and a Turkish-American. But even though she has done a lot of things for the Turkish-American community which I appreciate, I am not sure I could vote for her. Even before your article, I was aware of how far, far right she is. I consider myself a moderate liberal, but it’s hard to vote for a Republican because they have made the term “moderate conservative” an oxymoron, especially with people like Gov. Sarah Palin.

Tilly Gokbudak


Meat plug

Thank you so much for the great plug [“The ribeye as a rite of passage”; Sept. 10, 2008; by Brian Clarey]. It’s articles like you wrote that have kept us in business for over 20 years. Word of mouth kind of thing. Thanks again and hope to see you next time your wife goes out of town, hahaha.

Sammy Ammons


Ammons owns Sam’s Old Fashion Meat Market in Greensboro.

Memphis in Winston-Salem

Hi Jordan: It was so very good to see an article on Memphis the Band in this week’s edition of YES! Weekly [“Memphis, North Carolina”; Sept. 10, 2008; by Jordan Green]. I have been following this band for five years now, and I am still convinced that they are not only one of the best bands in the area but also one of the most overlooked. I have booked them for events over the years, and have tried to get them to do some covers, but do them their way, but they just will not do it, and for this I have to admire them. Scott Morgan is a prolific writer. I have read two of his novels, and both were great. I especially liked The Big Fresh since it takes place in my hometown of Siler City. I am constantly trying to come up with new ideas to get them exposure, because I really feel like if the right person hears them, they could make it. Just wanted to say thanks for the article, and putting their name, and music out there.

Wanda Smith


Food Not Bombs fan

I was glad to see the article about Food Not Bombs in the recent edition of YES! Weekly [“Dumpstered flowers, donated catfish and civic duty”; Aug. 27, 2008; by Jordan Green]. I am a new student at UNCG and I had heard about how active the Food Not Bombs chapter here in Greensboro is, so since I moved here I have been wanting to get involved. The Food Not Bombs website had the Greensboro chapter registered, but the link didn’t work, nobody answered at the number, nobody replied to the e-mail and no one replied to my email sent to the Hive. So basically, I was wondering how I can get involved. Do you have contacts, or meeting points? Thanks for your help.

Philip Keller


The best beers of our lives

Charles & YES! Weekly Staff, Thank you so much for being the presenting sponsor for our 2008 (and two more years) Summertime Brews Festival! This year was our biggest year yet with over 2,500 tickets sold and 215 beers! Thank you for all the support and promotion. Thank you also for coming into the studios for an interview. We truly enjoy our partnership with you and look forward to years and promotions to come! Please feel free to contact me if you need anything. Cheers to next year! Thank you!

Heather Chapin & Dick Broadcasting Company