Letters for the Week of 5/23/07


Loved the Hubert

HiJust read Brian Clarey’s article re his interview with Hubert Sumlin [“Hubert Sumlin ready to burn it down”; May 2, 2007]. Bloody marvellous!Thanks a million, how about a longer chat with photos during Crossroads 2 in Chicago?Now that would be something.Thanks againJonathan DonohoeUnited Kingdom

Loathing Longworth

The audacity of Mr. Jim Longworth to recommend that potential military recruits be required to take a pre-screening test that he refers to as the Scholastic Armitude Test [“Require Scholastic Armitude Test before joining military”; May 9, 2007]. This absurd recommendation further adds to what many in today’s society refer to as the dumbing down of our youth. However let’s suppose that Mr. Longworth has his way and such a test is instituted and administered then the following questions would be the one’s that I would pose to these potential recruits.1) Did you know that Khalid Sheik Muhammed and Ramzi Yousef were cousins? Both gentlemen were involved in the planning of both World Trade Center incidents. 2) Do you know about the book Perfect Soldiers which detailed the worldwide connection between the WTC plotters?3) Do you know that many of the WTC plotters were trained in various engineering disciplines at various US colleges and universities?4) Do you know that many of these university-trained WTC plotters carried passports from oil-rich Arabian Gulf nations?5) Do you know that our troops have been at war/conflct with countries in the Arabian peninsula prior to both gulf wars and that these conflicts have produced a large amount of casualties on both sides?At some point I would think that any potential enlistee would say, “Whoa! What’s up with this picture? I wasn’t taught any of this in any of this in any of my history classes both in a secondary and post secondary setting.” Guess what? Neither were we, that is, my generation.At this point any recruit newly or potential has to ask herself, “Do I have a patriotic duty to join our military and do what I feel is necessary to correct this unfortunate course of human events?”Mr. Longworth I submit to you that this is not an easy choice to make for any teenager or young adult.Mr. Longworth, maybe your test should renamed the Scholastic Armpit Test.Deodorant anyone? I detect a pungent and foul odor.Maybe it’s the armpits of our fighting men.William Thomas Brown Jr.Greensboro