Letters for the week of 8.2.06


Those who are with us

Dear Mr. Clarey

I just read that YES! Weekly has dropped Ann Coulter’s column [“Ann’s out, Bill’s in”; July 26, 2006]. I’m not a reader but I still want to thank you.

I consider myself a bleeding-heart liberal but even so, I welcome hearing opposing views. But AC is nothing but a vicious, mean-spirited liar and I applaud you for not helping her spread her poison. She and her ilk have done nothing but help split this country, and turn it into a place I no longer recognize.

I bet a lot of people will criticize you but I applaud your courage. I hope more people will follow your lead.

Thanks again.

Jeff Carmack

Austin, Texas

I just read that you will be replacing Ann Coulter in your paper, and I wanted to take a moment to thank you for it. I don’t need to go into the detailed reasons why I believe this to be a good thing – I know that you have heard it many times – but I commend you for having the moral fortitude to do what I believe is the right thing.

We moved to Greensboro from Boston Mass. about a year ago and we love it here. We live out near Forest Oaks in a conservative area of town. We are not Democrats, nor Republicans. We get along with everyone and respect all viewpoints as long as they are well thought out.

We really like it here, and will keep an eye out for your paper in the future. I’ve picked it up a couple times, but I do not read it regularly. Also, my wife is starting a gardening business in Greensboro and we will definitely see what we can do to support you by placing ads in your paper.

Thank you once again and I hope that you have a wonderful Friday and an even better weekend.


Curt Meinhold


I just read a report that you have decided to discontinue Ann Coulter’s column in YES! Weekly. I think that was a wise decision.

Thank you.

Serene Mirkis


Those who are against us

Exactly who is lying ? It is apparent that you haven’t read Ms. Coulter’s book otherwise you would not be making the incorrect statement that she had shown a “blanket hostility to the widows of 9-11.” Please don’t take her out of context.

Of course, you are free to print her columns or not, but then you have done so predicated on a lie.

On the other hand, a newspaper that takes votes to see what it prints can’t be much of a newspaper at all.

So much for the 1st Amendment’… just print what your readers want and take a vote on things that may offend them.

Mike Sarkisian

Sacramento, Calif.

You must be quite a liberal paper. A recent poll shows an 84 percent approval rating on Ann Coulter of conservatives that were polled. Your online poll was the exact opposite showing the liberal bent of your readers and therefore your staff. You should be ashamed to be part of the “sanitization” of the news… and commentaries…

Talk to you soon…

Jerry Tripp

And one we’re not sure about

Hi Amy.

I read with great interest your recent review of SCOTS in YES! Weekly [“SCOTS at the Flying Anvil make for a good Plan B”; July 19, 2006; by Amy Kingsley].

Not having gone to the Flying A to see them (I would have had I known there was a Flying A) I can only guess that they sounded about the same as they did six months ago at Ziggy’s.

I too think that SCOTS is a mere shadow of the once greatly innovative, campy southern pop culture anthem band that they used to be. Maybe they should have taken the proverbial left hand turn in Lexington when they had the chance 10 years ago?

Road bands tend to burn up quick unless they learn how to shelter themselves from the distractions of ordinary life. But who would expect a band that developed their own unique brand of Southern rock out of fried chicken, banana pudding and dirt track racing to be able to take care of themselves and avoid painful road rash.

But without any doubts, your own brand of personal misery colored over the entire notion that SCOTS has proven themselves worthy – and that they hold a unique and respectable place in our music community.

Experience has shown me that it is vital for an artist to learn to take care of oneself. Stand ‘way’ clear of the ordinary life distractions that can burn you up – otherwise someday, someone just might use your own craft as the platform for their own selfish complaining and thereby miss the whole point.


Joel Bennett


A Second-Lifer speaks

Hi, Chris,

I loved your article on Second Life. I just now finished reading it. I’m new to Second Life, probably played a total of less than 10 hours so far over a week.

I think it is a fascinating experience. I also am a writer, although I’m working on some fiction novels. I’ve been published in Highlights Magazine for Children and by McGraw Hill in school readers in the US.

I find the Second Life experience so fuelling for my imagination and it really helps me visualize a futuristic society.

By the way, I’m addicted to Tringo.

I really enjoyed your article because as a new person there it gives me more of a look at parts of the rest of the Second Life world (although I’ll likely avoid Amsterdam).

Have a great day,


Somewhere out there

Boyett is the bomb

As a coordinating Committee member of the Santa Fe Living Wage Network (, I am delighted to see the work of Jim Boyett [“Living wage campaign leans on July 4 symbolism”; July 12, 2006; by Amy Kingsley] and others leading this effort. Work should be a dignified experience; all that begins with being paid a wage upon which all can live a dignified life. Area businesses must support this very important campaign. Workers who can live a dignified life are happy, loyal and productive employees.

Sharon P. DiLeo

Española, NM

Editor’s note: Boyett’s campaign actually strives to establish a citywide minimum wage, not a living wage. We regret the error.

Watch my video!

Hey Brian,

I had to write and ask how y’all overlooked the Traffic Rap when putting together your top 10 local videos on the internet: … I mean, I know WXII’s offices are Winston-Salem and the list was 10 best from GSO, but that’s just classic.

And since I know precisely how annoying these kinds of e-mails are, I really just wanted to share that in case you hadn’t seen it and say thanks for giving me a couple of new videos to look up.

By the way, I love the job you guys are doing and say keep it up.

Jonathan D. Jones