Letters for the week of Aug. 31…


Ann offends

‘“To expiate the pain of losing her firstborn son in the Iraq war, Cindy Sheehan decided to cheer herself up by engaging in Stalinist agitprop outside President Bush’s Crawford ranch.’” ‘—

‘“But you will notice, the jihadists are not pouring across the Syrian border to, say, Brooklyn Heights. They are running to Iraq, where they run smack dab into the glorious U.S. military.’” ‘— Ann Coulter

Congratulations, you can look forward to this kind of crap filling your pages for the foreseeable future. I am highly disappointed that you guys have succumbed to this bogus right-wing/left-wing paradigm. The last thing this country needs is another place for Ann Coulter to spill her libelous, spiteful ink. Her columns would be laughable if so many people didn’t take her tripe seriously. She denigrates the name of journalism and cheapens political discourse. Her very pulse beats in time to the war-drums that everyday drown out the voices of the sensible, reasonable, and civilized people of this nation. Or at the very least she is a shameless media whore who has traded her dignity for a weekly column. Like a drunk in a town-hall meeting, she babbles on simply to hear herself speak; and you, in an effort to achieve some sense of impartiality, humor her. It is neither wise nor responsible to let the loudest speak longest, or in this case, to let them speak at all.


Patrick Tutwiler, Greensboro

ed. note ‘— the author is president of the College Democrats of UNCG.



3:40:31 p.m.

Ann Coulter questions the courage of New Yorkers in the face of terrorism.

She says of terrorists, ‘“It’s far preferable to fight them in the streets of Baghdad than in the streets of New York (where the residents would immediately surrender),’”

That’s what Ann Coulter thinks of the cops and firemen of New York City, and the family members of those lost on 9/11, and of the everyday people who refused to let the attacks keep them from going on with their lives.

Never mind the courage and character New Yorkers have demonstrated in the face of terror. People in the city tend to vote for people other than the ones Coulter supports, so she calls them cowards.

I usually ignore her. Today I read her because YES! Weekly picked up her column and I didn’t have anything else to read at lunch. Nice move, YES! Weekly. Maybe next time I’ll just leave it in the rack.

Disgusted with YES

I am disgusted that YES! Weekly is sullying its pages with the hate speech of Ann Coulter. I can recall a time when media felt somewhat responsible to the communities they served, when they took their gate keeping responsibilities somewhat seriously; when not just any fool was allowed to trumpet hateful, lunatic rhetoric. Today, we see media legitimizing crackpots like Cal Thomas, Bob Novak and now even the hate monger Coulter by giving them a platform where they can crap all over everything that decent Americans hold precious and sacred. So much for community standards. Notwithstanding the strident efforts of Coulter and company, consumers still have a few freedoms too, including the freedom to boycott advertisers who support irresponsible hate speech.

Laurie Gengenbach

Julian, NC

Clarey responds:

Yeah, we knew that Ann Coulter was gonna generate some response, and we knew that some, if not most of it would not be complimentary. What can I say? She’s a crazy bitch with a word processor and an agenda. And many people are asking me why we would include her on our pages. Well we have our reasons. For one, she provides a good counterweight to the tone of our Voices section because of her position on the political spectrum. Opinions like hers exist, people, and if you disagree with her then it’s best to hear her arguments and then refute them if you can instead of pretending that ‘real people’ don’t feel the same way she does. (And I should tell you how much Overman hates his new page buddy: he vandalizes her head shot and byline with his editing pen every Friday.) For another, the inclusion of her column addresses the issue of a perceived bias or slant to our publication. Yes, we champion the cause of social justice. And yes we stand up for the underdog and expose wrongdoers and lies in our Dirt and Voices sections. But we have no interest in being pigeonholed as a ‘Leftist’ publication. Like Ms. Coulter, we too have an agenda, and it includes exposing our readers to the entire spectrum of political thought, sometimes even provoking them to stand up and choose a side. Lastly, the lady cracks me up, I’m somewhat ashamed to say, but mainly because I realize what she’s doing is essentially the same thing the Dice Man did back in the ’80s: she’s playing a character. It’s pure schtick, and I keep that in mind when I read her column and then make up my own mind as to whether she’s right or wrong. Also, we feel that her brazenness, audacity and wit make her a natural fit for the pages of YES! Weekly. Sorry guys’… she’s gonna stick around for a while.

I agree with Fair Tax

Headline of Article: ‘“For once I agree with Neal Boortz’” (Aug. 24, 2005, by Brian Clarey)

I agree with you 100%. I am NOT republican, but I still love the Fair Tax idea. I have a burning dislike for the IRS. I have a need to want to have a very visible tax that can’t be used to pay off special interests by sleazy politicians. It burns me up that my money is taken before I even see it, yet illegal aliens and drug dealers are rolling in their 100 percent earnings. There are just so many reasons that the Fair Tax is a really good answer to what ails us.

Mary Lee

Culleoka, Tenn.

Love the Fair Tax

I am completely in LOVE with the Fair Tax. I detest the IRS and the Gestapo it has grown into over the decades. Reviewing the history of the IRS and the illegal income tax system is like looking directly into the face of corruption. It is frankly an INSANE nightmare dreamed up by politicians and fat lawyers to benefit themselves. Politicians benefit doubly because they can use the tax code for class warfare, thus diverting the man in the street from the real issue of how much he is being cheated. So yes, I can understand why many politicians trash the Fair Tax. It scares the pants off the demagogues. I’m running out tomorrow and buying the book!

Gwyn Guess

Memphis, Tenn.

Fair Tax supporter

Although not a huge fan of Neal Boortz, it took me about a minute to realize that the Fair Tax is the only plan that can finally put some sanity and fairness back into our system. There is no reason that this is not bipartisan and not passed NOW. But, knowing the way Washington works, it will take a huge grassroots effort (think women’s right to vote or the Do Not Call list). It can be done, if all of those who care about our country and its future, get on the ball and contact our representatives. Thanks to Neal and John Linder for the Fair Tax book to put some much needed publicity into the discussion.

Rick Johnson

Sneads Ferry, NC

Grandma offers cookies

I’m a grandma who bakes those Christmas cookies from scratch. I also go out on weekends getting petitions signed for the fair tax. E-mail me your address and the next time I bake I’ll send you a batch of ‘— what’s your favorite cookie? That’s my thanks for your great article.

Judith Brown

Pittsburgh, Pa.

Fair Tax supporter

I’m 100 percent FOR the Fair Tax. It is the best way, by far, to reform our tax system.

Cliff Cofer

Des Moines, Iowa

More Fair Tax support

I’ve never been interested in politics until I became a Fair Tax supporter. As soon as Fair Tax is enacted, I will likely drift away from political activism. Yes, the Fair Tax is reason enough not to be complacent.

Joshua Pritikin

Santa Barbara, Calif.

Hooray for Sex Toy Party

Headline of Article: ‘“So, a man walks into a sex toy party…’” (Aug. 10, 2005; by Brian Clarey)

I have been to one of Sylvia’s parties and I recently hosted one in my home. It was a fantastic girls’ night for both my married and single friends. Unfortunately, most people have a very horrible misconception of what these parties consist of. Though they deal with sexual issues, they are DEFINITELY NOT SLEAZY!!!! Especially when Sylvia is your party demonstrator, these parties are very tastefully done. I think it is wonderful that Next Door Tavern broadened its horizons, not to mention those that attended, and I think other people should join in the fun! We live in a very sexual age now, and it seems like every program you turn on is either talking about sex or about how to spice sex up in your marriage. So HOORAY to Sylvia for bringing the help home! If you’ve never been to one of her parties, you have no right to judge what you haven’t experienced first hand. I’m glad someone finally had enough gumption to write an article on a very respectable woman. Keep ‘UP’ the good work! 🙂

Jennifer Oliver


Glad to hear about Max

Headline of Article: Serendipity or not, Max Bain’s a winner: Local author-turned-screenwriter Max Bain lands TV gig on ‘“Palmetto Pointe,’” but finds pastures greener in High Point

I was getting desperate to find someone to help on my screenplay locally… then serendipty, then I read about Indelible Ink ‘— I know there is hope yet.

Max offers wisdom of screenplays, script supervising, ghostwriting, whatever anybody needs to put their thoughts on paper. If you’ve got a dream and a good story, we’ll sit down and write it for you or help you write it.’”

Thanks and hat’s off to you, Max. I hope to work with you, esp. in getting more work to High Point area.



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