Letters for the week of Dec. 13


Realistic drag

Mr. Clarey,

Greetings from the Queen City of Charlotte, NC. I have just finished the column you wrote about the pageant that was held in Greensboro at Warehouse 29 [“It’s trantastic”; Nov. 29, 2006; by Brian Clarey], and I must say, it was excellent! Thank you so much, on behalf of my community, for writing so fairly about this wonderful art form that we call drag. So many of my “sisters” make their living doing this, and you wrote so fairly and used so many great background references that I hope it appealed to folks (or at least their curiosity) who have not seen this type of performance before. Let me thank you again for writing about this experience with such enthusiasm and integrity. It is only through this type of writing that other folks who might wonder what a drag pageant might be like would venture out and see that it makes for a fascinating evening out!

I thank you, and the drag community thanks you!




Undeserved treatment at Davidson jail

Hi Jordan,

I just finished reading your article [“Lawsuit ties inmate death to ‘deliberate indifference'”; Nov. 29, 2006; by Jordan Green]. Thank you for quoting me accurately. I read the comments from the jail and they are lies. The nurses… seemed afraid of the doctor and most of the time gave the inmates’ medications to the guards to pass out. This included all types of medications including narcotics, heart meds and various type of drugs that the guards are not licensed or trained to administer. As for the care packages they passed out, it included toothpaste, toothbrush, shampoo, comb and deodorant. It did not include toilet paper. When I was being transferred out I sat in a holding cell and watched as two of the guards looked at a computer where, the previous evening, they had wrestled and Tased an inmate three times. They sat and laughed as they watched the video. Anyone who thinks that inmates are always treated fairly and with human dignity have no idea of what really goes on behind closed doors. If you ask, am I angry, yes I am. I made some huge mistakes and deserved to be where I was. What I did not deserve, nor does anyone, is to be treated with indifference and neglect.

Thanks for lending an ear.

Dennis Haynes


Touch-screen voting

Dear Kirk,

NC counties “opted” for touch-screens countywide because they were sold on the idea [“Touch-screen woes, Kissel goes and Dave’s foes”; Dec. 6, 2007; by Kirk Ross]. They cost a whole lot more.

In a touch-screen machine, define verifiable paper trail. Is that what you call the printout behind the glass?

The program was not wrong in the Mecklenburg precinct, the pollworkers pulled up the wrong ballot (tt was a split precinct).

There will be no “cutthroatedness competition.” Only one company is certified to do business in North Carolina (Election Systems and Software).

The scandal you refer to in Mecklenburg County did not even involve efficiency of voting machines.

I’ve been a contractor for ES&S’s leading competitor for nine years. We sell optical and touch-screen machines. We have never had an election overturned on either type due to equipment problems (nor have they).

People (and do-gooder groups) who identify the flaws are very seldom anywhere close to knowing what they are talking about. They rely on data provided by those who also are reporting facts based on non-empirical data.

Amy’s hats


Excuse me, but ask Amy why a toboggan over your ears is necessary in an enclosed environment.

Where can I get one of those ballcaps that have the bill directed to the side? I can only find those that extend over my eyes. A kid at the mall was asked that. He replied, “Oh, you just put it on and pull it to the side.” He considered it a serious question.

Enjoy the paper.

Roger Chance


Editor replies: I don’t ask Amy about her headgear and she doesn’t ask me about my bald spot.