Letters for the week of Jan. 18…


Porn again?


Kudos for the RayVeness story (and cover) [‘“Hometown girl makes porn’”; Jan. 4, 2006; by Brian Clarey]. It was refreshing to read a story that I had an interest in, rather than the latest edition of ‘“How the County Comissioners Turn’” in another publication. Thankfully someone did a story on her that didn’t try to glamorize or condemn someone for choosing a career in the adult industry.

David Stacy


Mr. Brian Clarey,

I just wanted to drop you a line to let you know how much I enjoyed two stories that you wrote in the Jan. 4 edition of YES! Weekly. I don’t get to read your weekly often but I was attracted to your bio of RayVeness (who wouldn’t be!) but I also enjoyed the story about your grandpa, golf and a somber look at our inevitable mortality [‘“Remembering Pa-Pa at the top of his game’”; Jan. 4, 2005; by Brian Clarey]. You did the bio of RayVeness with a lot of class and the golfer in me loved the heartfelt portrait of your grandpa on the golf course!

Thank you,

Joshua Jones


Missing grease?

Dear Lee and Brian,

Thank you very much for featuring me and my business in your magazine [‘“Chef specializes in home cooking with an accent’”; Jan. 11, 2006; by Lee Adams]. I really appreciate it.

My wife and I had a good time reading the article. We liked it and thought it had a fun and humorous tone.

My wife was a little worried that the grease splatter on our kitchen wall would show, but it doesn’t. Good job editing it out of the picture. However it is quite obvious that the frying pan is empty and that I am whisking thin air. I have been known to do crazier things, so we are OK there.

Many thanks and let me know if you ever need some recipes, I will be happy to provide.

Reto Biaggi


ed. note: We do not edit things out of our pictures. Perhaps the grease stain was not as bad as he imagined.

Reverent reverend?


A very insightful and well-done article [‘“Down and out in Greensboro’”; Jan. 11, 2006; by Jordan Green]! You really did reach the people on the streets and homeless. I pray for the day our city and nation will make it a priority to end homelessness, poverty, and hunger.

We need to get to the root causes. Are you aware of the Homeless Prevention Group of Guilford County ( Nearly 50 non-profits and other organizations working with the homeless meet and coordinate services. We hope to begin working on a 10 Year Plan to End Homelessness in Guilford County soon.

Rev. Mike Aiken


ed. note: The author is the executive director of Greensboro Urban Ministry.

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Better late than never?

Lando Calrissian’s ‘“betrayal’” speech [‘“Some things are just too good to share’”; May 25, 2005; by Brian Clarey]? People still berate Lando for ‘“betraying’” Han, when it’s obvious that he never really had much choice.

Rosie Powell

Address unknown

ed. replies: Uh’… yeah.

Pay for play?

For government regulators to reduce the options residents of North Carolina have for curing short term financial problems is insane [‘“Payday lender decision could have wide-ranging repercussions’”; Jan. 11, 2005; by Amy Kingsley]. Regulators cannot stop payday loan internet operators and call centers from offering cash advances. Would it not be better to regulate payday loan businesses, derive state revenue from licensing and auditing these businesses, and allow the NC small business person to participate in this industry?

The payday loan national organization estimates they are a $12 to $14 billion dollar, and growing, business! That requires a lot of employees and potential tax revenue while offering another solution for consumers. The more solutions and options available to the financially challenged, the more competitive will be the rates charged.

Jerry Ayles

Las Vegas

ed. note: The author is a paid consultant for the payday loan industry.