Letters for the week of July 20


Drug awareness is important

I am writing you in response to your article ‘“The Never -Ending Battle,’” published in this week’s paper.

I think awareness of drug addiction in our local and global community is important. Drugs like crack, cocaine, ecstasy, alcohol and narcotic pain relievers are dangerous to a person in many ways. However, so many articles I read about the dangers of drugs include marijuana on the list as deadly and destructive. And please don’t give me that gateway crap; Nancy Reagan is no longer the First Lady and I hardly consider her an expert on the ‘ol peace pipe.

I have never heard of someone pawning their belongings to puff on a joint or overdosing on bong water or popping a cap in someone to get their bag. Let’s try to leave ganja off the list of dangerous drugs. Parents should be more worried about their Jack Daniels being locked up.

Courtney Hunter


I recently read an article containing statistics related to the drug problem in this county. You addressed several drugs of abuse and I have a question: Has drug enforcement personnel come in contact with Duragesic (Fentanyl) Transdermal Pain Patch? This is becoming more and more of a problem in other areas of the country, but I noticed it was not mentioned in your article. This is a Schedule II narcotic and people are overdosing at a staggering rate in other areas. From my research, the drug users are cutting open the patch, which contains the drug fentanyl in gel form, and attempting to sniff, lick, snort or mix with alcohol or other drugs for what they think will be a ‘“high’” and many times, it means instant death. If you have any information on this patch being abused in this area, please respond back to me.

EB Walker

whereabouts unknown

Wish Indiana had YES! Weekly

Dear Editor of YES! Weekly,

We, the Staton Family, wish there was a newpaper and editors here in Indiana willing to be an advocate for the citizens. Indiana government controls the media, and most all the papers. It is like living in Germany during the Hitler Age. Our media and papers only speak of what the government is GOING to do for us, but they refuse to say what the government IS doing to us. We have no rights. The constitution, civil, human, any rights are not given here. The government workers can commit perjury, falsification of court records and conspire, with no worries to be held accountable. The Attorney General’s Office in Indiana protects the government agencies, but we citizens are assured not to get a phone call at supper by a solicitor, our governor tells us to let him know about things, as he has an open door policy, but you can’t get to him, and his aide says the governor can’t get involved or he will be impeached. The prosecutors testify that they know people are having their rights stomped on, but they don’t have jurisdiction. So, most people in Indiana just have to suffer, because Indiana doesn’t do anything to advocate for citizens. Is it political, status quo, strongarm? We do not know. But we do know that anyone living in Indiana really needs to re-locate. We really do wish a weekly paper like yours was here in Indiana. The secrecy that lies deep within our state, skeletons in closets, tight lipped, heads turned from the crimes the government agencies are doing to people. It is horrific. We don’t have to worry about the national terrorism. We live the terrorism right here at home, in Indiana. If you believe in prayer, would you say one for those of us being tormented in Indiana.

Thank you for reading this,

The Staton Family


Correction on Rum Runners

Headline of Article: ‘“Look out downtown: Rum Runners is coming’”

You got our names wrong. Left to right in the photo is Steve Carnish, Andrew Shoffner, Steve Jones. The last quote was a quote from Steve Jones regarding the ‘“…bring your wife and kids…’” Nothing major. Just wanted to clear that up. I feel better now.


Steve Carnish


More from Fantasia fans…

Article comment ‘“The Fantasia controversy is laid to rest’”

Thank you so much for writing this redeeming article. I knew that Fantasia’s character should not have been in question. She is the best!

Patricia L. Reese

I think that all them haters need to stop hating on Fantasia cause she, as a black woman has finally won ‘“American Idol’” since they messed over Tamare Gray the first time byt I luv her. I go to concerts when she comes down here and I buy her CD. Haters stop starting nrumors about her cause ya’ll ain’t her people.

Tiffany Smith

Belle Glade, Florida

Dusty Dunn article comments:

Howdy Lee,

Great story about Dusty. I linked to it from my blog:

Billy The Blogging Poet

Great story on a super native of Guilford County… our local answer to Rush Limbaugh… DUSTY DUNN! Dusty deserves all our support and praise for his service and dedication over many years to these communities in keeping us informed and entertained….and, your story helps do just that! I hope it gets a lot of distribution and readership.

John Grove, Sr., CEO

Spring Air -Greensboro

P.S.-Thanks for the Spring Air plug, too!

Fourth of July article comment

Sorry, Mr. Green, but the ‘“Stars and Bars’” is not the familiar red Army of Northern Virginia (ANV) battle flag with its blue saltier (‘“X’”). The ‘“Stars and Bars’” actually refers to the First National flag of the Confederate States of America which bears absolutely no resemblance to the ANV battle flag.

Your comment that, ‘“The ‘Stars and Bars’ weren’t getting much love, however,’” seems oddly disconnected since nothing I can find in the article indicates that there was any animus directed at the particular symbol which you misidentified.

Col. Michael Kelley, CSA

Commanding, 37th Texas Cavalry

The writer heads a Confederate reenactment unit. JG

Comment for Ogi Overman…

Hey Ogi!

I am pissed, to say the least, about what has happened to your buffer! About a month or so ago as I readied myself for work, I caught the tail end of a report on News 2 about a new tree ordinance in Greensboro. Have you heard of this ordinance? If so let us all know. Maybe it could be a start to ending the destruction of our much needed trees to clean up the pollution from all this progress!?

Karen Ramey