Letters for the week of Oct. 19…


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Headline of Article: ‘“America’s Ten Best banned books’”; Oct. 12, 2005; by Brian Clarey.

What a wonderful list of books, excellent education (and fun to read and look at) for adults and children. Now that the right wing has come out against a shoddy supreme court nomination, a change in literary uptightness will lesson, and the good books will be let free.

William Stribling

New York, NY

Headline of Article: ‘“MacKay benefit offers candid, colorful glimpse of ACC coaches’”; Oct. 12, 2005; by Ogi Overman.

Thanks for the great article on Sports Night 2005. You captured the essence of the evening. Hopefully, this will help with future Sports Nights where this event becomes something people make a point of placing on their calendars a year in advance.

See you soon – and hopefully before Sports Night 2006.

Rich Brenner


Greensboro needs more implosions

Last summer during the implosion I was thinking the same thing: Do more of them! And my FIRST CHOICE for implosion candidate is THE GUILFORD COUNTY COURTHOUSE monstrosity. It needs to be leveled and then started over again by an architect who’s not moronic or ‘DWI'(Designing While Inebriated).

Alternatively, why not put it to a use more appropriate to its poor design. Use it to relieve overcrowding at the jail next door, connect the two with a skywalk and then build a NEW COURTHOUSE instead of a new jail?



Thanks for help on Tate St. Fest

Charles, Kevin, & Kenny:

Thank you guys for all your help with the Tate St.reet Festival this year. You helped me to make it a great success for the entire community and for our vendors from neighboring towns and cities. I can’t thank you enough for your trust, time and belief in the festival. I will continue to spread your name to everyone who asks me about advertising. I believe you at YES! Weekly are at the top of the totem pole for advertising in the Triad area. Call me any time you need something.

Thank you!


Jaime Coggins

Triad’s Hurricane Katrina benefit very successful

Hey Brian,

Thank you again for the certificates, the Buddy Guy tickets that we raffled, and all your nice coverage of the benefit. And I cannot say enough good things about Jordan [Green].

This past Friday I took checks totaling $10,000.50 to the American Red Cross in Greensboro. We did get another check for $20, but it was unsigned, and will be returned to the writer, in hopes that he will sign and return it.

Thank you,

Chris Roalhac