Letters for the week of Sept. 21…


More than just a musician

Hi again Jordan,

This is a follow-up to our brief phone talk yesterday, regarding the description of me as ‘“a musician who sells natural healthcare products.’” [‘“Greensboro City Council campaigning begins as Mayor Holliday projects bright future for the city’”; Sept. 7; by Jordan Green and Amy Kingsley] I realize the article was just giving a thumbnail view of the candidates, and technically the description is accurate. My concern is that it doesn’t give readers any useful sense of my background and strong credentials.

I’ve been a successful businessman in Greensboro, with a sterling reputation for top-notch customer services and business acumen and efficiency. I wrote a column for the Greater Greensboro Observer. I’ve served on boards of different community groups and am currently president of my homeowners association. I have decades of experience in group decision-making. And yes, I’ve also been a part-time professional musician since 1971 and am currently in a local acoustic band, OneStringOver. And since I sold my store three years ago I have been working from home with a couple of wellness products. But as you might see from the above, and from my bio which is posted on my website (, I have an array of skills and experiences that will make me an excellent councilmember. But none of that would be apparent to your readers based on the description that was in the paper.

By the way, I enjoyed the article on corporate incentives. I’m curious to see more studies on more studies on how often communities recap the money they give away in big incentive deals.

Thanks for your time Jordan.

Joel Landau


ed. note: The writer is running as at-large city council candidate.

Three cheers for the dump

Thank you for the well-written, informative article on our landfill. [‘“What a dump!’”; Sept. 14; by Brian Clarey] I wish you would ask the city council members why we are closing down such a well-run, moneymaking facility (except for construction waste) and going to have to pay to truck our garbage out of town. Plus we are paying to build a transfer station to hold the waste for shipment.

Dave Howerton


ed. note: The writer is also running as an at-large city council candidate.

Thanks for hurricane help

Thanks for being our sponsor! We appreciate the wonderful ad and placement, along with the ‘yahoo yell’ for artists given by Mr. Canvas Jim Dowell himself . We are excited about our event and the participation we are sure to get because of your hard work! What a great gesture to jump on board to help the hurricane folks in a local way. You rock, YES! Weekly!

Kindest regards,

Larice White

Pleasant Garden

‘Sexual orientation,’ not ‘lifestyle’

Hello Meredith,

I enjoyed your article about the Green Queen bingo [‘“Getting drag’ed along to Green Queen Bingo’”; Aug. 31; by Meredith Newlin], and might be actually thinking about making a trip there from Raleigh because of your story. There is one point, however, that I find slightly offensive (whether intentional or not). You describe Steven Reeves from Tennessee as, ‘“the stereotypical gay guy ‘hottie’ whose lifestyle preference any single heterosexual woman might lament.’” Homosexuality is not a ‘lifestyle’ or a ‘preference.’ The current acceptable way to reference gay sexuality is ‘sexual orientation.’


Steve C.


Reader: Coulter is dispensable

I think you’re doing yourself a disservice by including opinion material from Ann Coulter. There’s enough hatred in the world without her fueling the fire with her endlessly demeaning and tiresome nonsense. Do everyone in this area a favor and drop the column. She’s dispensable. Your paper doesn’t need it and it lessens its value.


Kerrie Thomas


Minj Grille was great!

Great magazine, good article on Minj Grille [‘“Minj Grille serves up hot wings and cold drinks’”; Sept. 14; by Lee Adams]. Food there was wonderful! Keep up the good work.

Lenore Phillips