Letters from Dec. 6, 2006


Everybody loves Jordan Green


I know this current Wray/Hinson/RMA mess is difficult to cover or more accurately uncover [“The struggle for the soul of the Greensboro Police Department”; Nov. 22, 2006; by Jordan Green]. However, I think your new piece did a good job. Your comments from Mayor Holliday were very informative.

Thanks for your efforts and work in Greensboro!

John D. Young



Great story [“A pop-country balladeer brings country back to the country”; Nov. 22, 2006; by Jordan Green].Thanks for your time the other day.

Have a great Thanksgiving.


TG Sheppard

From the road

Everybody loves Radmilla

I know Rada personally [Radmilla Petric; Local Talent, Nov. 15, 2006] and we basically grew up together here in the States. She really is a beautiful person inside and out. You rarely get to meet people like that in you life.

Nemanja Karaman


Everybody loves Brian Clarey

I wanted to commend you on your article about the pageant [“Trantastic”; Nov. 29, 2006; by Brian Clarey]. I think you did a very good job of being tasteful and non offensive in your comments. As a transgendered individual in this society it’s very important to myself and others the choice of words that are used when referring to us.

It was a pleasure to meet you and your photographer, and maybe you can come in March and do a follow up story on the outcome of Miss NC US of A.

Thanks again for the great pics of myself also.

Arabia Knight Addams

High Point

Brian Clarey,

I just wanted to commend you on the great article you wrote in YES! Weekly in regards to the Miss Piedmont US of A prelim. My sister is Arabia Knight Addams and I (DJ Bonet) was dressing her and assisting her the night of the pageant. I wanted to thank you for your honest portrayal of the night’s event and for the compliments you provided on Arabia. I am a writer myself, and the visuals that come to mind were extremely clear for anyone that was not able to attend.

Thank you again,

DJ Bonet


Wonderful Article. Arabia would be a wonderful representative for the title. Good luck girl!

Anjelica Dust


Dear Mr. Clarey,

I read, with great interest, and a smile on my face, the article you wrote of your interview with Miss Chita Rivera [“Chita Rivera and Brian Clarey, together at last”; Nov. 29, 2006; by Brian Clarey]. She is quite something. So are you.’ You, in fact, are something else. I appreciate your sense of humor, your respect for Miss Rivera and your loathing of the Simpsons. I’m glad AOL brought me to your article.

PS: Sorry, Mr. Clarey. It was that brought me to your article, not AOL. I should have known better. AOL never brought me to anything as fun as your article.


Michael Pierce

Kinnelon, NJ

And some love for the Flying Anvil

Dudes’… we ain’t dead yet [“Ironically, the Flying Anvil didn’t get off the ground”; Nov. 29, 2006]. Chances look good that someone else will be picking up the torch and carrying on with it. Let’s not throw up the gravestone too soon, I haven’t even come up with a catchy epitaph. Give it time. Have faith. It could actually fly. Wile E. Coyote never stopped trying’… that’s a good thing right?

Pete Schroth


The writer is a current owner of the Flying Anvil.

It is unfair to compare the Flying Anvil to the Cat’s Cradle. The Anvil may have suffered from low turnout, but the Cat’s Cradle isn’t swarmed with beer and music lovers every night either. The Cradle has survived thanks to generous assistance from local government. The Cat’s Cradle has struggled over the years; it has been kicked around to four different locations, finally ending up in a strip mall in Carrboro. The Cat’s Cradle hosts many fundraisers for local community organizations, has generously supported local artists, and even sponsors good all-ages shows here and there. With these merits, Cradle management was able to convince city government to give them the assistance they have needed to stay in business. Without this city intervention, this venerated music club would have closed ages ago.

Pete, Andy, and Brian should be commended for their efforts to bring Greensboro a top grade music venue. Everyone seems to have their own theories about what was wrong about the Anvil – location, parking, artist caliber, the trickle-up economy, attitude, etc.- but the fact is that keeping such a venue alive in any city or any situation is extremely difficult. Even New York City couldn’t keep CBGBs going on forever.

Lee Wallace