Letters from the week of June 8…


Tate Street story brought back memories

RE: ‘“Tate Street: For rockers, hippies and the homeless’… An oasis in a concrete desert,’” May 18

What about Hot Tamales and the Galaxy? Hot Tamales had great bands and Galaxy was the game room next door ‘— later became the Double Bubbles. Saw a few great punk bands at Hot Tamales. I can’t say that I remember the goat sacrifice at the Miracle House. Went to some of my first raves there and saw some great bands. The place was condemned. The guys that lived there didn’t take too much time or effort in cleaning (waited until it was shut down). The Edge was more of a dance club, but the Turtle was great! They had some awesome bands! Glad you mentioned Electro; he was a fixture on that street! The man is an incredible guitar player and good person! All in all I enjoyed the article, it brought back some good memories.


High Point

Note from Jordan Green: The goat sacrifice anecdote remains in the realm of myth. To my knowledge, nobody has actually claimed to have witnessed it. Perhaps another reader who was there will write in to shed some light on the subject.

Blogger says thanks

Hi Brian,

I just read your article on the blogging scene, and wanted to thank you for the kind words for Mr. Sun.

It seems like you are having fun with the magazine, and that shows up as lively writing and a nice positive sense of urgency.

This is a city that could use a little good-natured fun; thanks for making some.


Mr. Sun!