Letters from the week of March 8


Thankful for intervention

Dear Brian,

Thank you for the piece on Cap [‘“Saving my friend and a piece of my past’”; Feb. 22, 2006; by Brian Clarey]. Right now my head is in the vice grip of a migraine, probably set off by the whopping two beers I had Friday night. (My life is so very different today, headache-wise). Your story, Cap’s story, brought me to tears. Five years ago, a lifelong friend came to my house, looked around at the clothes strewn all over the furniture, dirty dishes piled in the sink and the fact that all the lights were off in the middle of the afternoon. I was still in bed with a wicked hangover and from the den, in a not uncaring but miraculous sort of way, I heard her say, ‘“Jesus, this must be what you feel like on the inside.’” It took me two more years of driving home at 9 a.m. the next morning, ashamed and believing I would die before I woke up that evening, to stop doing cocaine. I did it by going to the movies a lot and having people like you in my life. So for everyone out there who thinks they can’t get through to the person who is dying right before their eyes, you don’t have to fly to NYC. Pick up the phone. Better yet, show up before they leave the house on a Friday night and take ’em to a movie. I guarantee they are wishing you would.

Thanks again,

Heather Cutler

Article comments from

Rapper’s friends should come forward

Headline of Article: ‘“Family frustrated with investigation of rapper’s death’”; Feb. 21, 2006; by Jordan Green

The police are doing nothing to help this mother and I believe that it should be brought to a higher authority. Also all of the people in the house need to think about how his mom feels and come clean. This could happen to one of your children one day and would you really want their friends lying about what went on? I am ashamed of the city and the police department. Tre did not deserve this and neither does his family. If the people in that house were his true friends someone would come forward and at least let his mom know how her son died, you all owe him that.

Meaghan VanVeen


I hope that everyone who can make a difference in understanding what happened to Tre should wake up and quit withholding what they know. Personally I think it is selfish. In terms of government, they are equally responsible. If they are not willing to do everything it takes to help Tre’s family understand what happened to their son, then they should find someone else who is willing to do so. Tre’s family and friends deserve to know the whole truth. Point blank.



Really, seven people in one house on the eleventh hour and they are clueless about a MURDER???


Interrogation of the guests might find the killer. No amount of alcohol or drugs erases a crime scene.


Proud of Starlyn Garvy

Headline of Article: ‘“On the road with Starlyn Garvy: The rigors of rock’”; March 1, 2006; by Jordan Green

I am so proud of my rowdy boys, my baby girl and Hannah. Keep rocking. Nanny

Jean Church


Let big cities host ACC

Headline of Article: ‘“The case for Tournament Town’”; March 1, 2006; by Ogi Overman

Greensboro might have made sense when the ACC was centered in the Carolinas, but let’s be serious here. The ACC is now a 12-school league with alumni from schools that attract students from all over the country and internationally. The tournament should be held in major cities that offer a great deal to those who travel distances to attend. The Big East tourney in Madison Square Garden is a clear example of the success of this strategy. John Swofford has to say nice things about Greensboro lest he be run out of town, but Tampa, Charlotte and Greensboro shouldn’t even be considered. The Tournament should alternate between Atlanta, Miami, Washington, and Boston with the possible consideration of the Raleigh-Durham area.

Traveling to off-the-beaten-path locales for on-campus away games is one thing. But to intentionally drag alumni and fans to smaller venues and cities is absurd. The ACC has grown up into a major eastern conference, and the tournament should do the same.

Bob Vanasse

Washington, DC


Website Piracy?

Jordan Greene published both public and personal information from my website without permission in the Feb. 22-28 issue of YES! Weekly [‘“The secret battle to restore white power at the GPD’”]. I have no problem with that. But, the inferences and comments he made in his writing were somewhat less than flattering, as he said when he called me on the afternoon of Feb. 21 to tell me he had used the material without my permission or knowledge. He also printed his own interpretations of historical facts as being mine’… and this has caused me a considerable amount of concern. After reading the replies from a significant number of people from all over the country in the next issue, I don’t think I really need to make any specific comments’… except that I like what I read in most all of them’… especially those of Billy Price (Alabama) and TR Warren of Bridgeport, Ill. These and the other letters speak for themselves. Thanks folks, you said it all and you said it right!

Sgt. Ramon Bell, GPD (retired)