Letters from the week of Nov. 16…


You got it wrong

I think you should know I am very disappointed with how you portrayed me in your article (Local Talent; Nov. 2, 2005; by Brian Clarey). You misquoted everything I said on top of making me sound like a groupie/dumbass.

If you weren’t focusing so much on sounding funny, you would have written more about something that matters besides the ‘“Andy Griffith Show.’”

I will be telling my friends not to take part in your magazine if they are asked.

I hope you don’t do this to the next person.

Jordan Crossingham


Amy’s awesome

Headline of Article: ‘“My sister, the roller derby diva’”; Nov. 9, 2005; by Amy Kingsley

Miss Kingsley:

Your article was both well written and very informative. Looking forward to future columns by you.

Joan Crowley

El Paso, Texas

‘Countergirls’ is sold out

Headline of Article: ‘“’Countergirls’ rides on Southern-fried diction’”; Nov. 9, 2005; by Amy Kingsley

Amy…Thanks for taking the time to interview us and the great coverage. We are Sold Out or close to it for the rest of the run.

Deborah Kintzing


What if children knew of mistreatment?

Headline of Article: ‘“Charity circus criticized by animal welfare advocates’”; Nov 1, 2005; by Amy Kingsley

Fundraising money for sick children at the expense of animals is a huge contradiction in my opinion. Children would be devastated if they knew how these innocent defenseless creatures were treated. Mr. Brown stated that they had more problems with PETA activists than the circus animals-well if people won’t stand up for these voiceless creatures, who will? We need to continue to educate people on the miserable existence circus animals are forced to suffer for the sake of ‘entertainment.’

Bethany Foster


Circus isn’t all that bad

It is true that there is a lot of abuse that goes into putting circuses on. The degree and the forms of abuse may vary, although it is required in one way or another to make wild animals do the crazy things they do. Complete submission of the animal is required, which occurs when the animal’s soul is broken from beating, whipping or confinement. It pains me that such a serious issue is debated as if the truth of the matter could be found through citing sources and validating claims instead of through any real compassionate and thoughtful thinking. Thank you.

Yuri Albinger

Kirkland, Wash.

It’s not a scam!

Headline of Article: ‘“Greensboro’s ten best energy drinks’”; Sept. 13, 2005; by Lisa Ellisor

Get it right about XS how is it sold by a scheme and for your information it doesn’t bother Amway distributors cause Amway know longer really exists in its former state. It’s manly a figurehead now because the distributing art of Amway has evolved in to Quixtar which sells XS so its former Amway distributors were switched to Quixtar when it started. So please get your facts right when your writing such a biased piece of junk; you can at least know what your talking about. Thank you very much.

Nick Spegal

Ladue. Mo.