Letters from the week of Nov. 2…


Offended reader of the week:

‘“Clarey’s happy and he’s not on the Vicodin’” [Oct. 26; by Brian Clarey] was a sick piece ‘— a column of trash, and full of hate.

‘“I can spot a crook a mile away’” is a mighty prideful and highly discriminatory gift that you claim to have.

My opinion of YES! Weekly just bottomed out.

Mike Baron

whereabouts unknown

editor responds: It’s true ‘— I’m a petty, petty man.

Your comicstrips suck

I just wanted to say thanks for the addition of your weekly local paper. I truly enjoy the human-interest pieces you print such as the one about going to jail for a night or the one about the guy who works at the local landfill. Most of the entire paper is outstanding actually.

However, (and please don’t take this personally) your comics section is sadly lacking. I do believe I could probably do a comic strip myself (with my left hand and be about three sheets to the wind) that would be better than a few of those stinkers. Yeeeeshhh….! Some of those comics look like something I did back in the sixth grade.

The rest of your paper is so outstanding but those comics really suck. It’s like taking a Lexus and putting $10 plastic hubcaps on the wheels. Holy cow! Just leave ’em out for goodness sakes.

Is somebody’s twelve-year-old son doing those for you on the sly? Come on… you can tell me. I won’t give you up! Really. I promise!

Steve Smith


editor responds: Go ahead, Steve. Get yourself liquored up, get your left hand going and draw us a strip. If it’s any good I’ll run it. And thanks for saying those nice things about our paper

Holy Porn, Batman!

These Halloween Hell-Houses [‘“Halloween in the Bible Belt,’” Oct. 26; by Jordan Green] whether they be the PG-13 or the R versions, just sound like Christian porn to me.

Stephen D. Spotswood

Plano, Texas

Mystic Karnival says thanks…


I am just writing to thank you for being involved with the event and for the media support. I hope it was a worthwhile event for you. I heard from Solaris that they did exceptionally well.


Rick Farmer


Grimsley’s principal is Homecoming happy

Brian ‘—

Thanks for taking us through the homecoming experience and allowing others to see that while the celebration has changed the tradition lives on’… at least at Grimsley [‘“An all-American homecoming,’” Oct. 19; by Brian Clarey].

You missed the chance to get ‘“Garden City High School’” in print. Maybe when the Trojan baseball team plays down here this spring you could make up for such a lost opportunity.

I enjoyed reading this piece because you were able to include so many generations and perspectives.

Tell Lee Adams he did an outstanding job of capturing the feel of homecoming, not to mention a shot of one of our loudest fans, Matt Hanley, wearing my favorite Yankee T-shirt!

Take care, keep in touch,

Rob Gasparello


editor’s not: It’s true ‘— Mr. Gasparello, principal of Grimsley High, and I both grew up in Garden City, NY and even went to the same high school. And Rob, you know I’ll be in the stands when the Trojans come to town

Credit due to more


Dear Brian,

Thank you for your kind mention of’s involvement in the recent Greensboro Bloggers City Council Candidates Forum. I would be remiss, however, if I did not offer a gentle correction. While had a hand in organizing and promoting the forum, it was not solely a endeavor. It was a collaborative effort with many local bloggers. Seymour Hardy Floyd (, forum moderator Michael Christopher ( and all the other bloggers who participated deserve credit too.

The questions and answers from the forum are being reported on and will continue to be up to election day, November 8th, but the forum would not have happened without the participation of Greensboro’s civic-minded bloggers.


Roch Smith Jr.