Letters from the week of Oct. 12…


Happy about the Blues

I want to thank all of you for joining together to put on an amazing benefit to help out people affected by the recent hurricanes. Some money is still coming in; I have gotten two checks today, and am expecting a few more donations to come in within the next week or so. I cannot give you a final total yet, because more is coming, but I can tell you that working together, we will have raised approximately $10,000 for the American Red Cross.

I know that in some of the venues the crowds were kind of light at times. But we were competing with a beautiful day. A lot of things were going on this past weekend, including Art in the Arboretum and the GGCC in Greensboro. It was difficult to pick the weekend. Many of the people who did come out for the benefit gave generously. You did some good things. You made some local people happy with your music and you did a great job helping to raise money for the American Red Cross to help hurricane victims. Thank you so much for volunteering. Many of you made some new contacts, maybe got a future booking in a new venue, got to hear a band you hadn’t heard before or got a rare chance to hear a friend’s band. It is not all about money. The networking is a good thing, too. I know that I have been lucky to have made some new friends, and found out about a few bands and musicians I didn’t know about before.

Some of the money we raised was through raffles. The Music Loft of Greensboro was most generous to donate three guitars. Here are the winners:

Josh Hicks of High Point won an FB1.

Ed Matthews of Whitsett won an Avion.

Harumi Yamakawa of Greensboro won a Stratocaster.

Other raffle items included Buddy Guy tickets donated by YES! Weekly, tickets to the Shakori Hills Festival, an autographed CD and picture sent in by Harry Connick Jr., five amazing pound cakes made by Pat Freitag (bless her heart), a book autographed by Parke Puterbaugh, many donated CDs, and I am sure I am leaving other raffle items out that I should be mentioning. It was all important, and it was all appreciated.

Hopefully, we won’t have to do many more benefits in the future. But things do happen. I think this benefit went more smoothly than the tsunami benefit many of you helped with this past January. It is kind of hectic to throw a benefit (like we have just done) together in just over a month. If you can give me any feedback, any suggestions or ideas for making any future benefits better, or ideas for having them run smoother, please tell me. I will be happy to hear any suggestions, comments, and criticisms you have.

I just want to thank you again for jumping in and helping to make this benefit a success.


Chris Roulhac


ed. note: Ms. Roulhac organized a benefit across the three cities of the Triad involving 12 clubs and over 60 bands to aid the victims of Hurricane Katrina. She did a great job and we thank her.

Chris Roulhac is awesome!

Congratulations to Chris Roulhac, the organizer and driving force behind the Hurricane Katrina Benefit Concert last Sunday. Chris, who serves as a trustee with the PBPS, did a great job with this massive event, and the results were staggering. Over $10,000 was raised for the American Red Cross to aid our brothers and sisters in Lousiana and the Gulf States. Thanks to all the bands and venues and volunteers who helped make this a labor of love! Chris, you did it again! Great job.

Okay, allow me to indulge in a little ‘“home cookin.”” As a Page High School band booster, I’d like to inform and invite you to a special benefit concert next Thursday, October 13 at the Page High School Auditorium, featuring the great jazz keyboardist/composer Frank Kimbrough. Tickets are just $5 at the door and all proceeds go to benefit the Page High School marching band.

This weekend’s designated road trip: Rowan County Blues and Jazz Festival. Big Jack Johnson and the Oilers will be there plus a great line up of local and regional jazz and blues talent. Details below!

Don’t forget: Buddy Guy with special guest Albert Cummings next Saturday, Oct. 15 at the War Memorial Auditorium.

Last but not least, make plans to celebrate with us the 20th Anniversary of the PBPS with Carey Bell and special guest the King Bees, Saturday, Oct. 22 at the Lion’s Lair in High Point. If you’re a PBPS member, you get in free! If you’re not a member, now’s the time to join! Thanks for your support!

John Amberg


Energy drink article is bull

Dear Editor,

After reading the article ‘“Greensboro’s Ten Best Energy Drinks’” by Lisa Ellisor (Sept. 14), I was very disappointed. Although I understand this is supposed to be a casual article, not the height of journalistic research, there was a glaringly incorrect statement that could have been researched by ten seconds on Google.

In the section on the drink, Red Bull, the author said, ‘“Its [Red Bull] primary source of energy is Taurine, which is little more than bull testosterone harvested from the nether regions of the aforementioned bovine source. Mmmmm tasty.’”

Taurine is a substance present in the human body and is found in bile, as well as juices and fluids of muscle, lungs and nerve tissue. It is not bull testosterone, or any kind of hormone at all. Not only was this information easily obtained by looking at a few chemical dictionary websites, it is on the FAQ on the Red Bull website itself.

I know that the author was just referring to a rumor that has gone around about taurine, but portraying rumor as fact in a news source is irresponsible. And, quite frankly to anyone to has taken even Nutrition 101, it sounds very uneducated.

Sorry for the e-mail, but I am so excited to have a more open and interesting weekly newspaper in Greensboro. I love reading YES! Weekly, and I just wanted to point out this one thing to you.


Kathleen Kelley


Ed. note: YES! Weekly regrets the error.

Wake up, Holliday!

Your print article on G’boro Mayor Holiday (‘“Mayor Keith Holliday’s power of positive thinking’”; Sept. 28; by Jordan Green) basically confirmed the sad truth about this city.

1) For anyone STILL under the illusion that Greensboro is an ‘open,’ ‘welcoming’ society that’s friendly to innovators, the mayor once again has set you straight. G’boro is only ‘open’ to long-established MEMBERS of various cliques. Thus political & industry leadership here is a CLOSED-SHOP resistant to change and experimentation, and innovation come rarely, slowly and usually second hand.

2) G’boro has only one significant industry, real-estate, few other worthwhile jobs and mediocre entertainment. Thus as the mayor admitted, ‘“People LIVE in G’boro, WORK in HIGH POINT and seek ENTERTAINMENT IN W-S.’”

In other words: G’boro is pretty limited. AND THAT’S THE WAY IT IS, PERIOD. IF YOU DON’T LIKE IT’… go away to where you’re happy’… we ain’t goin to CHANGE our way of doing things in G’boro No suh. So just pretend fuel is free and time is aplenty and you can find a ‘complete’ life by leaving G’boro for 2/3 of your needs!



Article comments from

Headline of Article: ‘“Emily Rose teaches doctors a thing or two’”; Sept. 14; by Glen Baity

I will not say that I believe in this story completely because I do not know the facts. But I will say that to an extent, I am certain that demons do possess our bodies and minds. Maybe not to the extent that your body disfigures or you speak in unfamiliar languages or voices, but in everyday life people are capable of following unknown tendencies. I would like to see the facts of Emily Rose and judge for myself.


Rock Island, Ill.

Ogi gets ok’ed by

the Guess Who-oligans

Hi Ogi,

Just wanted to let you know two things:.

1. I really enjoyed your profile of Garry Peterson ‘– nice job, and he sounds like a great guy

2. Said profile is making the rounds of Guess Who fans everywhere, as the link has been posted at (where I found it!)

Keep up the good work, and tell Garry the Guess Who-oligans are enjoying the article!

Bob Reid


Droppin’ the F-bomb


I picked up a copy of your paper to read about Garry Peterson and the ‘“Guess Who’”. I was quite surprised when viewing the inside front page of Tate Street Festival photos. The kid with the ‘“Meet the F*ckers’” t-shirt seemed in appropriate, especially given that it was displayed just above the photo of 2 little girls. It’s shame we have to have such dumb ass kids wandering the streets. Please don’t encourage them by giving them additional media coverage. And yes, I know all about 1st Amendment rights so save the speil.

David A. Hudgins