Letters to the Editor 05.10.06


Diner lingo comes from battle

Brian Clarey,

Your article on diner lingo [‘“The simple lunch of yesteryear:; April 19, 2006; by Brian Clarey] was okay but a little misleading on the facts. The term ‘“86’” was originated by the Morse code or a little later during the shortwave era before WWI, the 10 codes were used including 10-86 which means dead bodies, corpse or expired body of any once-living thing. The service men once returning used it in their lingo but was not originated by any means in the hallowed halls of the the silk city diners prevalent after the war to end all wars.


Stephen Scialli


What do they have to hide?

Of course there is nothing illegal about recording conversations. Have you never looked back on a conversation and wished it had been recorded?

In NC, phone conversations may be recorded legally as long as one of the parties involved is aware of it. That does not even qualify as wiretapping. If it outrages someone, maybe they’re afraid they said something they shouldn’t have, or at least don’t want to admit to.

Glad to see Jerry Bledsoe is getting involved. But, there are those who may be sorry. I’ve known Jerry for over forty years. He has this annoying habit of telling the truth.

Thanks, I enjoy your paper.

Roger Chance


Careful whose SS number you get

Mr. Longworth,

I could not agree with you more [‘“Last week, nearly a half million illegal Hispanics’”; April 19, 2006; ‘“Guv should take emergency measures against illegal immigrants’”; March 16, 2006; by Jim Longworth]. I am a 52-year-old single mom of a 14-year-old son. I have been out of work since January 2006. I don’t want to on public assistance; I want to work. I have been in food service for over 30 years. I never thought I would have this kind of problem getting a job. When I was in Greensboro working at a diner one of the Hispanic cooks bought himself a Social Security card. He paid $2,000 for it. When he went to get approved on an apartment his SS number came back with criminal record. I am appalled at the American business owner hiring an illegal over an American.

Thank you,

Marilyn Henderson


HP cop: Longworth knows nothing

Make sure Jim Longwoth reads this,

I am a High Point Police Officer and have recently read your article about High Point Police [‘“High Point Police’s pet policy needs fixing’”; May 3, 2006; by Jim Longworth]. First and foremost this is the most ridiculous article I have ever read and you should go on TV and apologize to the officers of the High Point Police Department due to the fact that this entire article is false. First where did you get ‘“High Points Pet Policy’”? There is no such policy in our general orders book. Second ‘“warning shots in the air to diffuse a vicious dog’”. You talk about officers being prosecuted for reckless endangerment of citizens and you speak of firing a gun in the air. Hey asshole, you fire a gun’ in the air and guess what,’ the bullet comes down and hits the earth, or some kid’s head that is playing in his backyard. That statement that you made right there tells me you know about police work about as much as I know how to do a brain surgery. We get called on these vicious dog calls because the so called ‘“pets’” are mostly pit bulls that are running loose due to their owners not leashing them. Oh, don’t say anything about that, Longworth, just talk about sh*t you have no clue about and blame cops that are forced to shoot dogs that are either endangering the public or charging at officers. And where did you get ‘“boxer puppy shot at seven times’”? That was a full grown dog that charged at that officer. Did that just sound juicy so you could bash cops a little more? Why don’t you write about things that I’m sure you have great knowledge of like tennis, ping-pong or writing poems. I’m sure’ the most dangerous thing about your job is you may get a paper cut by the end of the day. Longworth you have no clue what police work is all about and you wouldn’t last five minutes wearing a uniform in High Point. I hope you don’t like visiting High Point because I’m sure you have made 250 new friends.

Go F**ck Yourself,

A High Point Street Cop