Letters to the Editor 05.17.06


Don’t shoot

Uh’… okay

I don’t think that school police officers should be allowed to carry tasers on school property. There are some people (the elderly, disabled, mental patients, pregnant women, unarmed children) that shouldn’t be stunned, tasered, maced, swabbed or pepper-sprayed.

If an adult police officer can’t take down an unarmed child, then he should find another line of work. Using tasers on unarmed children is wrong.

Chuck Mann


Courtesy of

Dear Mayor Holliday, Greensboro City Council and Mr. Johnson,

Pursuant to North Carolina public access to public records statutes, we are hereby requesting that you make available for public inspection and copying the following:

The report prepared by Risk Management Associates of Raleigh, North Carolina for the City of Greensboro, commonly referred to by city council members and city staff as the RMA report, further identified as the report that city council members recently denied releasing in notarized affidavits.

The public is entitled to this document based upon it being both a public record and its release being in the public interest.

Please contact Lewis Pitts at 129 Tate St., Greensboro, NC 27403 with your reply as soon as possible.


Brian Clarey, editor, YES! Weekly

Patrick Eakes, CP Eakes Co.

Rev. Mazie Ferguson

Joseph Guarino, MD

David Hoggard,

Rev. Nelson N. Johnson, executive director, Beloved Community Center

Afrique I. Kilimanjaro, editor, Carolina Peacemaker

Jay Ovittore,

Dr. Lewis Pitts, public interest lawyer

Susan Lecin Polinsky, president, TechTriad, Inc.

Gladys F. Shipman, president, Greensboro Branch NAACP

Roch Smith Jr.,

Janet M. Wright

Humanize lacrosse players

Brian: Nice follow-up to an interesting article [‘“Clarey might be sleeping with the fishes’”; April 12, 2006; by Brian Clarey]. It is disappointing though that you did not use the space to relate some of the facts you learned about a few of the Garden City kids that played on the lacrosse team this year. During our conversations you said you now felt bad for these kids and were finally able to humanize them after learning the personal details of one of the players. I know only one player on the team, but he happens to be the most honest, grounded, hard-working kid I’ve ever met. I’d be surprised if some of the other 40 kids on the team didn’t fit that mold. I’d also be surprised if some of the 40 were the biggest jerks you’d ever meet. However, now that you’ve heard more about a lot of these guys, maybe it would make sense to relate what your readers have had to say about them. Your readers know without any doubt, that there are players on that team incapable of an act for which the entire team has been convicted in the media. Just a thought. Oh, and add spellchecker to your comment section ‘— there’s another thought. Finally, your comment about the intelligence of the football team was unfounded. I’d bet you $50 that the ’88 GCHS lacrosse team median IQ was a full dozen points below the football team’s. It’s funny, the letters you get seem more like thinly disguised mea culpas then anything else. This YES! Weekly thing is getting so deep. Please do an article about heterosexuality and the riflery team next ‘— or the drug problem rampant in the studio crew?!? Finally, I have more disdain with the weasels in our class who would lie, cheat and steal for a higher class rank than I ever could for a bunch of guys playing sports.

David Farrell

Garden City, NY

The Blues [Festival] is alright

That, blues friends, is a sigh of relief and contentment. Another Carolina Blues Festival is in the books. We hope you had a great time at the 20th Annual Carolina Blues Festival. It’s always an adventure adapting to a different location. But we hope it was a pleasant blues experience for you. The crowd was great. All the bands were terrific. For me, the Keeping The Blues Alive Award was a special moment. It was great getting all the previous winners on stage. Congrats again to Mike ‘“Weso’” Wesolowski, the 2006 KBA winner. Well deserved, indeed.

Thanks to our incredible performers: Rod Piazza & The Mighty Flyers, Maria Muldaur, Bob Margolin, Mookie Brill, Chuck Cotton and the inimitable Nappy Brown, Rosie Ledet & the Zydeco Playboys, Mighty Lester and Peter May & Terraplane.

Thanks to our fabulous sponsors: YES! Weekly, Rock 92, Miller Brewing Company, Smith Stokes Chrysler Dodge Jeep Chevrolet, WNAA and Downtown Greensboro Inc..

A very special thank you to all the volunteers who came early and stayed late. After the show, when it’s dark and everyone is bone-weary, is the toughest part of the day. Those who stay until the very end are the truest of the true blue, and we thank you!

Thanks to Michael ‘“SG’” Kearney and his crew for providing the sound and lighting. You outdid yourself this year.

A very special thank you to my wife Julie, my daughter Jessica, and their Girl Scout Troop for their hard work at the Kids’ Area. You’re beautiful and I love you.

Big thanks to John Rudy at Cafe Europa for hosting the after party, feeding our volunteers yesterday afternoon and being just a great guy to work with. Europa is a great restaurant with a great staff. We encourage you to patronize this fine establishment.

Thanks to the Fairlanes for their dynamic after-party performance. Thanks also to Craig, Maria Muldaur’s guitarist, who sat in on a few numbers. It was awesome hanging with you.

Finally, thanks to you! You’re the ones who come to our festival year after year. You support us year round with your memberships. You are the ones who are truly keeping the blues alive. We’re grateful beyond words.

Please feel free to share your comments with us about the 20th Annual Carolina Blues Festival, what you liked, what you think could be improved upon.

The 19th Annual PBPS Blues Challenge awaits us later this summer. Keep an eye out at the website for further updates and events.

Thank you, and as always, peace love and blues to ya,

John Amberg


The writer is president of the Piedmont Blues Preservation Soceity.