Letters to the Editor 05.24.06


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Tracy Thornton says ‘thanks!’

Hey Amy,

Just wanted to thank you for the great write-up in this weeks YES! Weekly. One of the best write ups locally I’ve had. I can tell you spent a lot of time and did your research. I thought it was just great

and again I thank you!

Take care and have a great weekend!

Tracy Thornton

High Point

Migraines are a pain

I really feel for you with your migraine headaches. I know exactly how they feel. Starting behind one eye, spreading around your head, then covering the whole top of your head. I know intimately the ‘“Oooh Nooo, not again’” feeling.

Around 30 years ago, I had migraines every day. Sometimes three or four a day. These were called cluster migraines.

Those who have never had a migraine do not comprehend the level of pain involved. Like you, for the first time in my life, I realized that with constant pain everyday, death might be considered as a relief.

But I wanted to let you know, that after about 10 months of an operation, all sorts of pills, a chiropractor, acupuncture, plus an ear, nose, and throat specialist, just like they suddenly started the migraines suddenly disappeared. I haven’t even had a regular headache since they stopped.

When I get even a hint of a headache starting, I laugh at it. Because it is puny compared the the power of a migraine, it’s almost insignificant.

I hope your migraines go to wherever mine went, and good riddance to them. Hopefully, you can soon start living happy again. The feeling of freedom is almost unbelievable.

Best wishes,

James W. Potts

High Point

GSO officials need to take a chill pill

Please tell these people to quit freaking out. I deal with city officials on a daily basis to educate them about the benefits of outdoor advertising. [‘“Is Elm Street becoming Times Square?’” May 10, 2006] A new high-tech sign in the downtown area attracts new business. Tom Phillips sounds like a moron when he made the comment, ‘“These guys are trying to make money off this.’” That’s what businesses do. The city of Greensboro could not afford to install and maintain a sign that has the ability to attract visitors like this sign has the potential to do. Pro business city governments build strong revenue generating towns. Why do city officials always want to kill good business deals that help the community?

Brad Mizer


Evin Gibson article was good!

Great article on Evin Gibson. [‘“Evin Gibson reaches toward masses through MySpace’” May 17, 2006] I am a huge fan of him here and love his music. I think you did a superb write-up on him and I expect to see much more of him in your magazine. His fan club is a little disappointed that the album is pushed back but we love hearing it from Evin. He is always in touch with us and shows he appreciates our support and he does a great show. U ROCK!



Coulter was on the money

Dear Editor,

I would just like to comment on Ann Coulter’s column referring the the Duke lacrosse team rape case, ‘“Lie Down With The Strippers, Wake Up With Please’” p.20, April 26 ‘– May 2. While I feel very badly for everyone involved in this case, I can’t help but agree with Ms. Coulter. As far as I’m concerned, when a young women for any reason, decides to make a living by stripping off her clothes in front of strange men, she forfeits her right to have the best reputation in the world. And I’m sure the dancers attempts to use the situation to make money for herself is not helping the alleged victim’s case. As a matter of fact, I find the second dancers conduct this whole situation to be downright pathetic!

I have this advice to give all male athletes at any college in the country. The next time you have the urge to pay money to watch a woman take her clothes off, go to a strip club where they will (hopefully) have security guards who will talk you out of doing or saying what you may regret at a later date.



PS. Thank you, Ann Coulter, for what you wrote about Bill Clinton in the aforementioned column. You took the words right out of my mouth!

Fallout from HP cop letter

Mr. Longworth,

I just read the HP street cop letter and agree whole heartedly.’ You have no clue and owe a lot of apologizes.’ You further prove it by your recent article on ‘“haves and have not’s.’”’ Ninety-eight percent of CEOs are not business owners, especially in the top 1,500 companies. Everyone knows they are employees and their pay is set and approved by the company.’ True business owners should be able to set their own pay and reap rewards for their risk and success. I am amazed that ‘“Triad Today’” ABC 45, UPN 48 and YES! tolerate such continued ignorance.’ I would guess your days are numbered.’ When they can you, come work for me at 1/531 of my salary, oh that would be for an average worker. You would need to start at a little less.’ ‘ 

Business owner’ 

High Point

I have just read the letter sent in by the ‘“High Point police officer’” and can frankly say I was ashamed and appalled by it. For a officer to both threaten and berate, with abusive and vulgar language, a member of the community sickens me.’ His letter is the embodiment of the ‘Bubba Cop’ syndrome that still unfortunately infects a few in law enforcement.

Before a letter is written threatening my welfare I would like to state that I do know ‘“which end of the tube the round comes out.’” I have been involved in many different aspects of law enforcement for over 25 years and have met, worked with and am proud to’ know many fine men and women in all’ areas of’ law enforcement.

I would ask ‘“HP cop’”’ that you have some respect for the badge and uniform that you wear, since from your rant you show’ no respect for the people you serve, and either print your name or apologize for writing a letter in anger ( I hold out hope that this was the reason the letter was sent).

A man of honor would not allow a letter such as you wrote to be read by women, children and the people of his community that he has sworn an oath to protect and serve.

‘ I respectfully ask that the editor withhold my name from being printed only because the author of the ‘“HP Cop’” letter seems a little unhinged to me and I have a family that I cherish.

Thank you for your’ time.