Letters to the Editor: Flustered fanatics file frenzied forum for Fantasia


The Fantasia fanatics have spoken and they are angry.

The response to the Fantasia Barrino story (‘“Fantasia stands up fans at the Sky Bar,’” July 6) is the largest YES! Weekly has gotten for one single story. I’m astonished, to say the least. There are irate Fantasia fans e-mailing YES! from across the nation.

When I wrote the story, I had parameters that had to be met’— chief among of them story length and deadlines. I could have gone on for two or three more pages, adding that I’m a fan of ‘“American Idol’” and ‘— I know some of you won’t believe this ‘— a fan of Fantasia.

I reported on what I saw and heard that night and the impressions I was given prior to showing up. I could’ve gone over to the Empire Room and written from that angle, but I thought I should stay put and get the story from the Sky Bar’s angle. You can read anywhere about a star’s appearance, but what about a star’s non-appearance?

The most striking thing to me about the article’s response is YES! Weekly’s cover story for the week was about drug use in Greensboro ‘— no angry responses about the cocaine on the cover. Or what about stories on racism, the KKK or the woman whose Medicaid will be cut? No one was angry then.

This story has reminded me of the newspaper’s purpose to report an event and, ideally, get a response ‘— good or bad. So thanks to anyone who responded. We’re printing as many as we can fit, more or less verbatim. And yes, we printed the angry ones too.

– Lauren Cartwright

PS to Sarah Summers:

Yes, if Fantasia was coming over to your house I’d write an article about that too.

Maybe the title of your write up should be: DJ made promises he didn’t get confirmed. I am a member of one of Fantasia’s fansite. We all came down and spent two days with her family. We were all invited for a Birthday celebration. Dinner, site seeing, the concert and a birthday celebration at the Empire Room. I think if she was suppose to be somewhere else her family would have known. This is not the first time Fantasia name has been listed as appearing and she nor her PR knew anything about it. She’s been on tour for the last month and fans have been given flyers and have paid money for parties Fantasia was suppose to appear. I attended three of those concerts and when it was mentioned that we would see Fantasia at the after party. The lady that travels with her said ‘“What?’” Fantasia is not scheduled to go anywhere but to sleep. Don’t waste your money She will not be there. So please check with Fantasia management first before assuming Fantasia was just a no show. I have met her four times and one thing’s for sure. She is a woman of her word and she will go beyond the call of duty for her fans.



I really enjoyed the small, but pertinent Clay [Aiken] mention as he was my utmost favorite singer from the American Idol family. (Even though this article is about Fantasia’s no show @ her own B-day party) Next time, can you do a Clay story? He’ll be in town for his summer tour August 5th, at the Regency Ampitheater in Cary. I don’t think you OR the fans will get stood up by him, & you’re bound to get some great stories about my guy.


Queens, NY

I just read your article about the Sky Bar. Did you see one of these flyers yourself? If you have

one I’d love to have it. Fantasia’s brother sent someone to my forum with a message about the birthday party….first 300 entered free. It was at the Empire

room. Empire was no dinner place…that was the party! I hope you can help me out with some info. Any names/written stuff you can provide, and I’ll see if I

can get to the bottom of this. I would appreciate it. Fans on my site knew she’d be in the Empire Room.


OK, read your whole story but never read just why she didn’t appear. Seems like the bar had a deal and if that’s so she should at the very least apologize and give a reason for standing everyone up. Was a reason and or apology ever given by her?

Dot Mahaffey

The party for Fantasia was at the Empire Room … that’s were it was planned for and that’s where everyone was at including family, friends, and celebrity’s. please check your facts because fantasia did not stand anyone up and I know this for a fact…thank you

Cyndy Loyal

Is there any way of finding out was Fantasia really scheduled to be at the Sky Bar? Or is it, as her fans are saying, a case of the club owner promoting an appearance that was never going to happen, in order to make some money?

I think it would be interesting to find out what really happened.


Awww! I feel so special that I was mentioned! This is to Joe…I know this place like the back of my hand and personally know the owner so NO it was not some gimmick to sell tickets or drinks. This places stays packed on the weekends. There was also other places that she was promised to appear and she didn’t. This is fault on her behalf. Love the article girl! Email me the rest of the pictures if you have time.

April Butler


Talk about bias journalism. My question to you is would you write an article if I told you Fantasia was coming over to my house? The story is not about Fantasia, as a no-show. It is about promoters promising anything, or bar owners making up stories to get business.

And yet you create a title that is misleading. Why don’t you write an article about the Fans that she greets like family, or the sold out shows or the dynamic and extraordinary shows that she has been putting on. Or why not cover the party she was actually scheduled to go to and did attend. I know they say that bad press is better than no press but this just makes you look bad. And this is one reason why people are now attacking the media I will be very surprised if you print this post.

Sarah Summers


You might want to call that DJ and let him know 102 Jamz gave away over 200 tickets to the Empire Room. But I’m quite sure he know that 102 Jamz came through and produced Fantasia and Fantasia showed up to exactly where she was suppose to be

If you check online a lot of fans that received tickets wrote about meeting the 102 Jamz crew, Fantasia and Ruben.

It’s sad to use someone’s name to try and get business.


Eastern North Carolina

This article is wholly misleading. This same thing happened in January when an overzealous promoter said Fantasia would be performing with Patti Labelle at the superbowl of Gospel. Then, just like now, it had nothing to do with Fantasia and everything to do with overzealous business people who want to use stars names to sell tickets, or in this case, drinks.

It would be great if you updated your article to reflect the truth, and remove the incorrect title. Something like ‘“Promoter falls through on promises to deliver Fantasia’” would be accurate.

Joe Coccini


I was a guest of Fantasia’s family for 4 days during the concert and 2 parties. There was no mention of any Sky Bar appearance. Don’t blame Fantasia for the DJ’s poor planning. Also, the price to get into the Empire Room was not initially $75. There were way too many people wanting to get in, it appeared to me that they kept raising the price to thin out the crowd. The first 300 people got in for free. Then it was $10, then $20, it didn’t reach $75 until after midnight. Anyone could cross the velvet ropes once inside. I certainly did, and I am nobody. I was happy to meet Ruben Studdard at the party.

Don Zorn


Wow what a misleading article if I haven’t seen one. Fantasia showed up where she was scheduled to appear. Do not try to make her responsible for someone’s attempt to make a little money by passing around false news. It’s such a shame that inspite of the great things fantasia has done, there’s always that small group of people who will come up with anything just to discredit her and to make her look bad. Whomever went to this alleged party that Fantasia supposedly agreed to attend, you guy were jacked by that radio station. So Lauren and your friend April, get your stories, I mean lies straight. Good day.


New Jersey

Its her birthday and she can do whatever she wants to. I don’t blame her she probably just needed to have her special night to her self or with her friends she’s a busy star. To me she still Fantasia the best singer there is right now.