Letters to the Editor

by YOU!

For the records

Hi Jordan. It’s Jim Quinn thanking you for the article on the record store [“Ten best record stores”; Jan. 21, 2009; by Jordan Green]. I am forwarding you a CD as it is coming up on the 25 th anniversary of my early-morning radio career (before I opened the record store). I have compiled a unique sampling of what we did for almost seven years in the morning. Most comedy radio CDs just have the bits of what are loosely referred to as humor. My CD is actually a compilation of “air checks” (what we used to send to station managers to get jobs) so that you not only hear what is loosely referred to as comedy but a real feel for what it was like to listen in the early and mid ’80s. Yeah, the themes and names are dated but only people in their 40s would understand… they were all in high school or junior college back then. Anyway, I hope you can enjoy it, and I think that’s the real kicker here… the CD is put together so even those who can’t pick up all the dated material will still enjoy listening. I was one of the last “solo” morning disc jockeys; I did all the material myself, no team. I still don’t like teams, especially when everybody thinks they have something to say. Look it was 6-9 a.m. — the faster and funnier it was the better. I didn’t think throwing in a whole cast of real people helped much so I always fought it when they tried to push a female cohost on me, even another guy, as you can hear. It just wasn’t necessary. Look for my package in the mail this week hope you have fun with it!

Jim Quinn Winston-Salem

Another view

Mr. Ali, As a Palestinian, I love my country and my people; but I am tired and overwhelmed by people like you who blame Israel and America for all the problems in the Middle East [“Local Vocal: Isreal should stop assaulting Gaza”; Jan. 14, 2009; by Badi Ali]. We need to hold Hamas accountable and culpable for the carnage that our people are suffering because of them. Let us not play the ignorance card any longer. We know that Hamas has instigated this entire war. We know that they are using our people (those “women and children” you refer to) as human shields. It is time for the Palestinians to stand up and put an end to Hamas’ reign of terror and their ideology. We have no hope for peace as long as Hamas stays in power. We know that Hamas is a radical group with no intentions of ever resolving the war and turmoil in Israel. A person with your position should be reaching out to the Palestinian people with truth and sincerity. Ignorance is no longer as excuse. Let’s not keep feeding our people lies upon lies.

Thafer Brothers Greensboro

Protest worthy 

Thank you for the fabulous article

on the Protest Petition [“People power”; Jan. 7, 2009; by JordanGreen]. I’m really sorry you were not able to come to the League ofWomen’s meeting yesterday when David Owens spoke. He left each of us acopy of his speech. I’m sure Keith Brown has put it on his blog.Unfortunately I’m not computer literate enough to send itelectronically. From what David Owens said, I did not hear one reason for refusing the people of Greensboro the right to protest petition. Willie Taylor Greensboro