Letters to the Editor

by YOU!

From, Jordan’s fans

Hi, Jordan. Your writing is getting more and more interesting! I know this because lately I’ve been pulled to read more and more of what you write. I usually pick up YES! Weekly on Wednesdays, so I’m often a week behind: Tonight I was reading the Jan 21-27 issue. Your piece about all the Greensboro Police Department lawsuits [“Police controversy in court”] was really clear — thanks for at least temporarily eliminating some of my confusion! I also really enjoyed your Ella Baker piece [“Ella Baker: Remembering a great American”] — she deserves to be more celebrated, and I may go dig up that book you were reading. I read the short pieces you wrote in Scuttlebutt and White Noise, and I even read all the way through your review of Eating the Invaders [“Eating the Invaders attack”] — mostly because you wrote it. I really appreciate your (and YES! Weekly’s) commitment to investigative reporting. I guess I’m saying I’m a fan, so keep up the good work! Bravo,

Terry L Austin Greensboro

Hi Jordan, I just wanted to thank you for the wellwritten and inspiring story about yours truly [“Tony Low shows persistence”; Jan. 28, 2009; by Jordan Green]. Very enjoyable reading. Only one real mistake: The Cheepskates album at #49 was titled It WINGS Above. Oh well, the rest was fine. I’ll be performing a solo acoustic set at Tate St. Coffee on Saturday, Feb. 7, so you’re more than welcome to attend! I start around 7:30 p.m. Talk to you soon!

Tony Low Winston-Salem

Mash note from Jeremy J

What’s going on, Jes? I hope you are well today. It was really great hanging out with you and all the other beautiful people at Somewhere Else Tavern the other day. I love your energy and spirit. Thanks for the T-Shirt and stickers. I really really really appreciate all that YES! Weekly has done for me and my career. You all have such an amazing staff, from Brian, to you, to my favorite writer, Jordan Green. Keep in touch, and most definitely feel free to hit me up anytime.

(336) 991-2984. Hope you can make it to my next big show: March 4 at Greene Street Club, and March 14 at the Carolina Theatre. This is a talent showcase in which I will be performing in front of some music industry A&R Representatives.. Excuse me for this being soooooooo long… anyways, take care.

Jeremy Johnson Greensboro

What the hell?

I’ve noticed you haven’t put in a Sudoku puzzle for several months. Being an unemployed IT tech, what am I supposed to do with my time?

Bob Spencer Piedmont Triad

Unsolicited endorsement

I am a great fan of Miriam and Khammaleathahh, the two halves of Sustainable Health Choices at the HIVE — I’ve learned a lot from both of them and live healthier and with more energy because of working with them. I’m passing this along in case you’re not already on their mailing list. I would especially recommend the new Touch of Wellbeing program — it’s a very affordable “best of” overview of everything they do, with a comfortable support group built in Please pass this along to anyone you think might be interested!

Liz Seymour Greensboro