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Alas, Babylon

Jordan: I just read your story about Greensboro’s nightclubs [“Downtown Babylon”; Feb. 4, 2009; by Jordan Green]. Nice job! I did not know there was an investigative reporter anywhere in the Triad. Surely you have heard about my stories about the Randleman Dam Scam. Nobody in the news business has ever looked into my charges of fraud, corruption and cover-up. Have you been to my place

Mike J. Baron Kernersville

Hi. My name is Joey Kirkman. I own Push Play Entertainment. Joey Cain, AKA Joey Medaloni, has had questionable dealings with many people — I hope people see the pattern. I booked an event through his management back in ’06. The agreements made were never adhered to by the N Club management and Joey Cain. When I phoned them to discuss the issues, the management always blamed Joey Medaloni for why things weren’t getting done pertaining to my event. Since I had the talent booked and was responsible for payment anyway, I decided to pull my show from the N Club venue with only nine days left to the show date. I moved the show to the Greensboro Coliseum’s Odeon Theatre. Moving the show cost me a lot of money, but more importantly caused confusion for people who had already purchased tickets. I never received an apology or an offer for a compromise. Joey would not accept phone calls nor return my calls. I lost several thousand dollars getting into bed with Joey. Thank god for the good people at the Greensboro Coliseum. My experience with them has been at the opposite end of the spectrum. I continue my relationship with them to this day. Thanks for doing this story. It’s nice to see at least a little light shinning on the man who likes to stay in the dark.

Joey Kirkman Greensboro

One of the Chrises

Brian,I’ve been meaning to write and thank you for the tremendous cover storyin your magazine [“10 years of radio”; Jan. 28, 2009; by Brian Clarey].I would have written sooner, but I’ve been so busy explaining to all myfriends and family that Chris Kelly and I did not elope to Vermont for the cover photo. Seriously,we loved the article and I think you did an excellent job making usseem almost cool. One quibble, however. The photo of the kid with thesquared-off necktie was young Kelly, not young Demm. We enjoyed hangingout with you, Brian. Thanks Again. Sincerely, Chris Demm Greensboro

Soil & water fracas

The following was sent via fax to Guilford County office and CCd to YES!Weekly: I am writing to express my concern about the recent election ofKirk Perkins for commissioner of the Guilford County Soil and WaterConservation Board of Supervisors and the subsequent decision by you toappoint Herbert Hendrickson to fill the seat that was fraudulentlyobtained by Mr. Perkins/Newell. I finished in second place with over 5,000 votes — more than the third place finisher (Hendrickson). Itis my intention to attend the March meeting of the state board andcontest his nomination and seek to have myself seated. The unusualnature of the election are discussed daily on local blogs. Asyou know, many questions have been raised about this unusual election(fraudulent candidacy, etc.) Personally, I have received numerousquestions by people who are both concerned and confused both about whathas happened. As a citizen of this county, but also as aperson who invested his time and money running for this office, Ibelieve it is important that the public be fully and promptly informedabout these issues. To date, little information about Hendrickson’sappointment has been made available to the public. Andrew J. Courts Jr. Greensboro