Letters to the Editor

by YOU!

Wingman Events in HEAVEN

Wingman Events raised over $1,100 for Murphy’s Kids at our Valentine’s Day Gala this past Saturday night! Thank You! We want to sincerely thank Araya Wossen, general manager of Heaven/Level 2, for working his tail off in helping us put on a great event. He even donated $100 in raffle tickets on top of everything for Murphy’s Kids. Heaven has been remodeled and looks great! The heavy hors d’oeuvres from Level 2 were delicious as well. We all can thank Louis Bekoe with Distorted Rumble Studios for the great pictures taken, in addition to DJ Shawn Doe for the beats danced to! We would like to extend our gratitude to Josh in the Box and the hosts of “Murphy in the Morning,” 107.5 KZL, and of course the MC of the event, Josie Paza, for their help in sponsoring the event and Jack Murphy for creating a great local charity in Murphy’s Kids. Also, we want to thank RH Barringer and Bud Light for providing the thirst quenching beer that was consumed. Thank you to Charles Womack and YES! Weekly for helping us spread the word about the gala. Pick up this week’s YES! Weekly and you might just see some new pictures of the gala not listed on our website! And last but not least, thank you to all of my friends and volunteers including the bachelors and bachelorettes for helping make this event a success! Cheers, Your friends at Wingman Events

Looking for papers in two acts

Brian: Nice speaking with you a few minutes ago. I’m headed out this eve and will take a look in the area across from Kerner’s Folly, near Salem Kitchen. My wife and I need our fix of News of the Weird and the Advice Goddess. A few weeks ago we saw the story about Sam Robinson [“Local guitarist brings in heavy hitters for new album”; Jan. 21, 2009; by Ryan Snyder] and have been blown away by his music! We have his MySpace site saved as a favorite, and hope to catch him live soon. Keep up the good work with providing interesting news and entertainment!

Brian, Mission accomplished… found YES! right in the heart of downtown K-Vegas, at the intersection of Main and Mountain Streets. Here’s a pic. of mom and son enjoying the Valentine’s Day issue. Best Regards, Bill & Lesley Birbick Kernersville

A new fan

Hi, I was in downtown Greensboro tonight and ran across YES! Weekly for the first time. I really like it! I just moved

to the area and live off of New Garden road. Do you distribute it somewhere closer to me? Thanks, Brent Greensboro Lefties? Brian: Your Feb. 11-17 issue had me really excited for a few minutes. But reality has cooled me down. Your photo of the Last Hour band [“Last, best hope for modern rock”; by Jordan Green] featured what I thought were two left-handed guitarists. I’m a left-handed eternal student of the guitar myself and tend to draw inspiration from guitarists of the other side, such as Dick Dale and Elliott Easton. So I was euphoric to see this photo with a leftie-leaning band to worship. Alas, as I studied it, I noticed that the band’s name on the drum kit and the letters on the T-shirt were written backwards — meaning that the image had been flipped. I’ve returned to earth, and I still try to practice. Even if the Last Hour guitarists happen to be “otherhanded,” I wish them the best on their gigs. Karl Kunkel High Point