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Empty houses

Brian, I enjoyed your column in this week’s paper regarding our ranking as the fourth-emptiest city in the nation [“Too many houses, not enough people”; Feb. 18, 2009; by Brian Clarey]. I agree wholeheartedly with your statement regarding creating sustainable jobs in the Triad without tax incentives. Clay Howard Greensboro


Brian, I am far from being the expert that you are on Mardi Gras but did note your mention of Pascale’s Manale [“Mardi Gras eats at Fincastle’s”; Feb. 21, 2009; by BRian Clarey]. Can taste those barbecued shrimp right now — just after a bowl of turtle soup and some really hot grilled oysters. Of course that is right after walking down the street from Fat Harry’s after sharing a couple of trays of crayfish. Saw my friend Mike a week ago in Virginia who lives just a couple of blocks down on Napoleon from Pascale’s and of course Fat Harry’s. A sportscaster/sportswriter friend of mine in New Orleans, Rene’ Nadeau (played for LSU as a linebacker), has promised that if I ever make it down during Mardi Gras that he’ll arrange to have me ride a float. He used to be a lieutenant and still has great connections. Have to put that down on my list. Enjoy reading YES! Weekly every week, and seldom miss an issue unless I am traveling. Tom Domer Triad

Fact check

Hi Brian, I hope all is well. Regarding Gus Lubin’s article [“Triad newspaper struggle and suirvive”; Feb. 21, 2009]: I’m pretty sure that the N&R’s daily circulation declined from 95,000 to 77,587 year over year, an 18 percent decline. Also: “‘There are three things every man thinks he can do better than anyone else,’ Robinson says, straining to remember a quote by Mark Twain. ‘These are stoke a fire, make love to a woman and edit a newspaper.’” Did Robinson say that was from Mark Twain, or did the reporter? I cannot find it attributed to Mark Twain — can’t find it at all or anything close to it on the intertubes. Yours, Roch Smith Greensboro

Editor replies: News & Record Editor John Robinson attributed the quote to Twain — it is more often associated with newspaperman William Allen White. As for the numbers, according to the Audit Bureau of Circulation, the N&R went from 82,578 daily circulation in October 2007 to 77,587 in October 2008. We stand by the figure of 6 percent. Chuck’s PR

You really ought to drop Chuck Norris’ column from your paper, or better yet charge him an advertising fee every time he plugs his book. Mike Beane Kernersville

Booty talk

In the Valentine Booty article [“Mystical booty”; Feb. 18, 2009; by Jordan Green] I have to take issue with a statement made by Jordan. Ive see Yo Mama’s Big Fat Booty Band several times before and they put on one hell of a show. However, saying that the horn section packs a punch better than Parliment Funkadelic is just plain out blasphemous. When YMBFBB has the fame that P-Funk has or is sampled as much as P-Funk, then I’ll consider the comment. Also, in the acticle you state that the horn section is better than Parliment OR Funkadelic. They are the same. The complete band name is George Clinton & Parliament Funkadelic, hence the nickname for the band P-Funk. Sorry to be a music snob but i just couldnt help myself this time. Adam McKay Greensboro

Editor replies: There is a difference between Parliament, Funkadelic and Parliament-Funkadelic.