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I would like to encourage the Greensboro City Council to embrace democracy and give the citizens of Greensboro the right to vote on whether the city should be run by the mayor and city council, or an unelected city manager. Local government should have separation of powers and “checks and balances.” If the people want a city manager then he (or she) should be a citizen of the state, and his salary should be under $50,000. No one in local government should receive a sixfigure salary or pension. Chuck Mann Greensboro


Brian, I wanted to send you this email to say thank you to you and the entire staff at YES! Weekly. I am very grateful for the assistance you all gave us in regards to posting the ad in last week’s publication. I am thankful for the relationship we are establishing and I have the utmost respect for what you all do there. The show was a great success and we endeavor to make the next one an even greater success. I did have my host and hostess announce that you all were one of our sponsors several times throughout the show. And I too announced it during my set. Again, I just wish to say thank you. And, I look forward to continuing to establish and strengthen the relationship that we developing. Enjoy a great weekend, and you should come out to the March 14 show next Saturday. Who knows, you may even witness me get signed that night. Jeremy Johnson Greensboro

Follow-up love

Keith, Thanks for another great follow-up story on Basil’s [“Restaurant owner faces more charges”; Feb. 25, 2009; by Keith T. Barber]. I hope you keep the pressure on him and he starts to settle his debts for those that worked there. My daughter, Molly, was at your first meeting. He keeps telling us he does not owe anymore money to her but we filed a complaint at NC Department of Labor against him. He bounced a check to me for $400 for a piece of equipment at Basil’s and says he will pay me. I incurred $340 worth of returned check fees he owes me for. I am going to take other actions to recover it. Please let me know if you need any more help or info on getting this guy.

Ben McIndoe Kernersville

Hi Keith,

I am one of Scott Leard’s victims in that he owes me for cleaning his house and restaurant, weekly… a total of $310. You’re probably tired of writing about this guy but I’d like to go on the record about my experience, which on one hand is not unlike the other pissed off hard-working, non-paid workers. However, my experience with dealing with Forsyth County was a nightmare. I not only did not get paid, but I was treated very poorly by the magristrates office when I went to take out a warrant. Due to the fact that the check that Scott wrote me came back as “Refer To Maker,” I cannot have him arrested and that I have to “refer to maker.” After receiving promise after promise, two and three times per day for 30 days via text, I decided that he really isn’t going to pay me but I’ll take him to small claims court which is now scheduled for March 20. I’ve read the articles in YES!  Weekly written by you about of the judgements and bankruptcies filed and now, it looks like even a judge can’t make this guy pay me. Why should he? His credit is shot to hell. I’ll be suprised if he even shows up. If you’d like to hear what I have to say about him, I’d like to talk to you. I am not a young high school waitress, but I am a single parent and widow and all of your readers need to have this guy’s name in their face as much as possible and he needs to lose yet another business. I might not get my money but I’d like to see him get what he’s owed. Thanks and I hope to hear from you soon.

Shelly Jenkins Kernersville

A Foxy invitation

Dear Friends of Foxy Moxy, I want to thank all you wonderful people who regularly support my live performance in the Triad. I have a special event coming up and hope I can count on your generosity to help me add to its success. I invite you to join me for Dancing With The Triad Stars on Saturday, March 21 at 7:30 p.m. at the Sedgefield Country Club, 3207 Forsyth Drive, Greensboro. This is an event intended to be a fun evening with the ultimate goal of raising money for Operation Smile to continue the mission of mobilizing a world of giving hearts to heal children’s smiles and transform their lives across the globe! By participating in this event, you can help us achieve this goal. You can also support my efforts by helping me make a showing in the online popular vote! Please go to my personal page cfm?mid=FoxyMoxy and vote. As one of the chosen stars I will be representing YES! Weekly, you can see my dancing competition on the website as well. There will be instructions on how to cast votes ($10 per vote or 3 for $25) via your taxdeductible contribution. Votes can also be cast at the event on March 21 as well. I’m delighted to help support such a worthy cause and I hope you will join me. There will be “open dancing” at 10 p.m. following the competition, and I’ll be happy to shake my groove thing with everyone who comes out! The cost for the charity event will be $100 a ticket. Cocktails and heavy hors d’oeuvres begin at 7:30 p.m., followed by the dance competition, and a raffle drawing at 9:45 p.m. Whether you are able to attend the event or not, I encourage you to go online and vote and make a donation to Operation Smile. Thanks so much for your help, Madelyn “Foxy Moxy” Greco Reidsville

A tigress’ tale

Hey Brian, Thanks so much for the feature and even the subsequent mention in the next week’s issue… [“Local Talent: Tigress McDaniel; Feb. 4, 2009] all of which afforded a pretty nice size audience at Vintage 301 this past Thursday and I’m now a regular starting July 30. I’m also being considered for Friday and Saturday night shows at Much… so again thanks! Oh yeah, also I think my anthem singer audition went extremely well so in the near future hopefully I should be opening the games with song!

Tigress McDaniel Greensboro