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Clareys at NCAA Tourney

Brian, It was great to see you and your dad at the Greensboro Coliseum NCAA game. I enjoyed your Crashing the Gate article on it as well. I had a couple of thoughts related to the smoking and drinking policy at the game. Smoking: I wasn’t aware of the no-smoking policy until I got there. At one of the last men’s ACC tournaments there, the smoke was so bad coming up from the old smoking area at the bottom of the steps that the smoke drifted to the top of the steps and into section 117. The big donors seated there complained. Drinking: Drinking was allowed at UNCG basketball games at the Greensboro Coliseum and there were complaints. Drinking was allowed at the circus at the Greensboro Coliseum and there were complaints. I felt like a mom should be able to drink a beer after hauling a bunch of preschoolers. Thanks,

Steven King Greensboro

Wait… wait a second… that was your dad you were with in the Carlyle Club? He’s a dead ringer for Walrus. And another thing Brian… what the f**k happened to that Cajun place at the gas station on 220? Somehow, some way, we need to talk Paul Prudhomme into hitting the road again with his traveling kitchen, but I don’t think that’s gonna happen even with bags full of cash. Another good alt paper is the one in Seattle, The Stranger. RE: Your compost pile… if animals are eating it you’ve made a mistake and put protein by products in there. That’s a no-no. Keep up the great work! YES! Weekly is the only paper I pick up anymore unless you count the one on the roll.

B Mitchell Greensboro

Triad’s Best disenfranchisement

I just attempted to vote in the Best of Triad and unfortunately after I entered my own selection of Massage Envy as best massage in the Triad, your system treated me as if I had completed my voting. I was not able to even begin to vote on most of the available categories and could not log back in a vote because the system believes i already voted. Several others I know have had the same problem, so your voting will be severely skewed since most of the later appearing categories are being eliminated from consideration. Bonnie D. Clark Winston-Salem

Editor replies: Our web hosting company, Wehaa, informs us that a name entered in each category constitutes one vote, and that recognition software ensures just one vote per computer with relative certainty. We apologize for any confusion or inconvenience, and remember: We still have paper ballots in each issue. Jordan’s Mexico

Jordan, I cannot remember if I have written to you about your article or not. I thought it was wonderful. In any case, what is new is that I spoke about our trip last night to Fairness Alamance, a true grassroots group that grew from the 287(g) abuses in Alamance County last year. Several asked for something in writing. I haven’t written a report yet, so I referred them to yours. Keep up the good work.

Benjamin Ansbacher Burlington

Who’s not famous?

Dear YES! Weekly publisher, editor, staff and friends, Everyone here at Just Not Famous Enough Publicity cannot thank you enough for supporting something that we specifically brought to your region to expose deserving music artists, small businesses and talented student dancers. I wanted to prove that talent and great camaraderie exists here in the South where, in my opinion, a lot of the greatest and most influential music has originated. We will certainly mention the great sponsorship to our Trans World Entertainment and Billboard friends. We are looking forward to seeing you all at the awards. Aulando Frazier-CEO/Founder Just Not Famous Enough PR