Letters to the Editor

by YES! Staff

Letters to the Editor

Hates Chuck, loves birds

I will never again pick up your paper. Any publication that would give a spot to a Chuck Norris diatribe on religion [“Is Obama afraid of the J-word?”; April 8, 2009; by Chuck Norris] and how he his better than Barack Obama is not fit to line the bottom of a bird cage! James Below Greensboro

Dead enough

Thanks for the great recollections of the Grateful Dead in the Vol. 5, No. 14 issue[“Grateful for the memories”; April 8, 2009]. Greensboro was home to some extra fine shows and the story with Jeri Rowe and the “extra sticky” sticker production caper was hilarious. As a 200 show veteran, the opportunity to see this rendition of the Dead with Warren Haynes on the lead guitar is going to be incredible. Thanks for the coverage. PS: The lightning bolt across the skull of the “Steal Your Face” logo always has 13 points, not 12. Jeff Stewart Greensboro


I think that Bernard Foster should be able to run for the Greensboro City Council or any other political office. Unfortunately he can’t because he isn’t 21. All adult citizens should have the same legal and political rights. Eighteen-year-olds can vote, pay taxes, buy tobacco, gamble at casinos, get tattoos, own guns, sign contracts, have children or abortions, and they can

be drafted, audited or executed, but they can’t run for city council. I would like to encourage Foster and the citizens of Greensboro to start a petition drive to get a referendum on the ballot that would allow all adult citizens to run for mayor or city council. All registered voters should have the same political rights. Don’t you agree? Chuck Mann Greensboro,NC


People don’t want to live in Greensboro because it is rampant with crime, run by racist black groups and has the most inept police department in the South [“Fear and loathing in Greensboro”; April 1, 2009; by Jordan Green]. Who in their right mind would want to relocate themselves much less a business to Greensboro, as Greensboro, because of its racist leadership, has become the “arm-pit” of the South? As far as the school system, I wouldn’t want to teach in such a dangerous place as the inmates are running the prison! Beau Jackson High Point