Letters to the Editor

by YOU!

Bouquets and brickbats Best self-promotion [IHAVE PHOTO]Hey Brian,I don’t know if you remember me ornot, but my name is George Wagner(commonly referred to as Big George),and I used to play with Big DaddyDiesel, Magazyne and Native Soul. Ijust wanted to take a moment to thankyou for the “blurb” regarding my newproject, Children of Karma. The band isvery excited about all the support andinterest that has been generated and wecan’t wait to play that first gig and takeadvantage of our “free press.” There isno promotion like self promotion. I haveattached a picture of our singer, SuziNelson, and myself. Take a moment to goto check out the set list and tunes onthe player. Suzi has a phenomenal voice(Quicksand and Merry Go Round)! Weput all this together over a period of aboutthree months without ever even being inthe same room together or having meteach other! Lots of cell phone rehearsaland YouTube… LOL. Well, I hope to seeyou out there and thanks again for themention! Namaste.Your friend in music,George WagnerGreensboro

Massaged numbers

Hello,I am writing in regards to the award Iwon. I won No. 1 massage therapist. Myname is Holly Sofley. But I no longer workfor Bodies Kneaded. My office for the lastfew years is the Body Mind Center. Phoneis 336.706.1607. Could a correction bemade? I would hate all this PR to go tothe wrong place, one that does not existanymore. Please let me know.Thanks,Holly SofleyGreensboro

Categorically denied

I am a shop owner in downtown Winston-Salem, Kindred Spirits. An enthusiastic gentleman from YES! Weekly came in giving us a 2009 Triad’s best poster, encouraging us to get our customers to vote. So I went to your website to check it out. I there was no category that fit my store, so I e-mailed and recommended that a new category be added: gift-shop, eco-friendly shop, metaphysical/New Age — something like that. The response I received was it was good idea, but since it was the last week of voting and there were only a few days left, it didn’t make sense to add it now. Ugh! So… two things: Is it possible to be notified about the 2010 Triad’s best vote before the last week, maybe perhaps at the beginning (the results might end up with a more accurate result? And could you please consider adding another another category, so that businesses like mine don’t have to end up in the Best Kept Secret category? Thanks. Arci Edwards Winston-Salem

Bogus, man 

s a strong supporter of this publication for years, I have a question: When the recent “BEST of” began, there were a lot of people that were attempting to sway the poll by adding very well-known bands in incorrect categories or people in business categories etc. I had faith that you would be able to weed out the obvious attempt to sabotage your yearly “judging” for lack of a better term. However when you have a BEST NEW BAND, that has been established since 2004 — even has a bio listed in Wikipedia? With approx 54,000 fans? THAT is not a “NEW” band and the attempt to undermine your publication was obviously successful. Extremely disappointing to those of us who had a real campaign for real businesses, bands and people. I think the winners, and or numbers should be confirmed somehow — it didn’t take much for me to question a band I had never heard of, since they don’t play any of the local clubs (except one). This situation should be rectified; at least that is my personal opinion. I think it would dissuade others from trying and would put the faith back in the system. Warmest Regards, John Lynch Triad