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Lupus Awareness Month

Dear Brian,I heard you while listening to “Two GuysNamed Chris” in the mornings on Rock92. I was hoping that you would somehowbe able to share the following informationto your readers.I was diagnosed with lupus just after my12th birthday in 1985.May is Lupus Awareness month. Lupusis a chronic autoimmune disease that candamage any part of the body (skin, jointsand/or organs inside the body). No oneknows what causes lupus. In the UnitedStates alone it is believed that at least 1.5million people — women, men, teens andchildren — have lupus. More than 16,000new cases are reported across the countryeach year. Lupus strikes mostly women ofchildbearing age (15-44). However, men,children and teenagers develop lupus,too. Women of color are two to three timesmore likely to develop lupus. In NorthCarolina, an estimated 45,000 peoplehave lupus, with 2,900 of those living inAlamance and Guilford counties.Thanks,Alexis DragoMebane Jordan’s fans Dear Jordan Green,Thanks for your great article from ourApril 20 meeting at NLMBC [“Latinoadvocates alarmed by sheriff’s talk”;April 29, 2009; by Jordan Green]. I helpedprepare some of the materials for themeeting.Is it true that Barnes is the “mostpowerful republican” in Guilford/Greensboro? Who is saying that he couldreplace Coble? That makes me shudder.Thank you.Marissa DerlagaGreensboro Jordan Green:Thank you so much! When I called youafter the e-mail request, I said I woulde-mail you again. I had in mind thankingyou for running your interview of a weekearlier [“Annexed property owner fightscharges”; April 15, 2009; by Jordan Green].I should, and do thank the editor forrunning it. A few hours later, my wife emailsyour blog article.As you are aware, Iimagine, no transcriptis kept in these courts. Iwas in error thinking so.From the outset of thesetrial postponements, Iwas told I did not haveto show up in court. I feltuneasy about that andI attended the first one,and one more. I flaggedmy attorney both times.We spoke and I left before my case cameup. I inquired about my case positionwhile waiting for my attorney. Noticinga stenographer, that was the term I used,I asked: “You keep a record of the courtcases?” or something to that effect. Ireceived a “yes” reply. A record is kept ofthe cases, whatever that entails. The trialis not recorded. So I am told. Thanks fortaking notes!The only thing of length I attempted tomemorize was the DA’s closing argument.I did not realize John Hammer was thereuntil Friday, even though my wife said shementioned it. I have read in our country’shistory the triumphs for our republic,due solely to a free press. At one pointI withdrew from the proceedings for amoment and swiveled my chair slowly,360 degrees. I ended up again facing thejudge. I see now, I had overlooked threeshining lights on guard for us all. Onlymy courtroom experience could bring toheart the full realization of the importanceand power of a free press.Okay, okay… I am putting you on apedestal for a moment. You deserve it.The great warmth and gratitude of heartI feel at this moment will fade as it doesin mankind, its uniqueness and ability torekindle will never go away.Bill MarshburnGreensboro