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Doing the hustle

Brian, your fluency in what constitutes a “hustle” is more than a little alarming [“Classics: Modern variations on age-old hustles”; May 6, 2009; by Brian Clarey]. I believe Bernie Madoff could have used your obvious expertise; certainly your fluency in what passes for the name tags associated with these schemes. Interestingly, all is written under the heading “Crashing the Gate,” something regarded by event security personnel the world over as the Rosetta Stone of hustles. Only providence could even begin to calculate the losses incurred by artists such as New Kids on the Block by the practitioners of this egregious form of intellectual robbery. Nevertheless the alacrity which grips my soul over what I hope is your benign familiarity with these methods of wrongdoing pales in comparison to my complete agreement with the message of your piece: Governments drastically reducing their revenues by paying extortion monies to private businesses in exchange for non-binding assurances of jobs is about on par with launching undeclared wars on small, sovereign foreign states based upon intelligence so completely nonsensical as to render those who actually peruse the information temporarily catatonic from disbelief. Dalton Jones Greensboro

Jonesing yet?

Hey Jordan, It’s Seth Church from Instant Jones. I just wanted to send a thank-you note to you for mentioning us in your “Extended Play” a while back. We had a stellar time at our Triad shows, especially at Elliott’s Review. I hope things are going well for you and YES! Weekly. Instant Jones is doing well, steadily plugging away at our new album while playing shows in between. There is a bit of a pause in the album production now though because a tree fell on our studio during a recent storm. It poked through the roof too, what a mess. This past weekend was a blast though. We played Mebane and Chapel Hill, two places where we are already pretty well established. The Mebane crowd was huge and loud, a real spirit lifter. Well, thanks again Jordan. Your support means a lot to us and I just wanted to remind ya. Seth Church Burlington Fooled I know this is old news by now, but this year’s April Fool’s Day issue had an article on the front page about prostitution being legalized in High Point [“Prostitution legalized in High Point”; April 1, 2009; by Fakir Hassamadupis]. I contacted the editor about this, not because I wanted to know myself, but for the fact that I work ata gas station, and there’s an old man who stays up here all night atour subway and reads papers. None of these things would be a problem ifhe didn’t believe with his whole heart that that article was true.Still to this day I listen to him talking to some random customer orone of his friends that came by or something, and I hear him proclaimwith much excitement, ”Dijoo know, that up thar in Hih Point, you canget sum of dem hookers for legal now?” I know it’s probably too late,but since he reads every article that is in every newspaper, could youpossibly run something to disprove him? If not just to make one lifeeasier by stopping at least one rant of an old man. John Edwards High Point

I hate to break the old-guy’s heart, but the piece was indeed a hoax. You still cannot get a legal prostitute in High Point. Steensboro, coined

HiRyan, I thoroughly enjoyed your article about the concert[“Bruuuuuce!The Boss proves it to Steensboro”; May 6, 2009; by Ryan Snyder]! Ifound it using a good ol’ Google search. What was life likebefore it? Man o man, this has been a fun week for me. I finisheddrawing that banner minutes before the show started. I thought it wouldget a laugh, or a point from the band, and then when Steven gave thatpiercing “Sopranos” Silvio look at me, I knew I was in for a ride… butwhat took place on stage during “Glory Days” and the encore was justplain unreal! I found one great picture of it on www., and one video (taken quite a distance away) on YouTube. Ifyou ever happen to run across anyone with a picture taken of thebanner, please let me know. I would be most appreciative! Also, can youtell me how to purchase a hard copy of your article? Thanks! PS: I wasborn in Winston-Salem (I hope that’s close enough to qualify me torename a city!) Ha! Chuck Pattillo Atlanta

Mail order Ihave only visited Greensboro twice in my entire life but I listen to‘Two Guys Named Chris” while I deliver mail and it feels like I reallyknow the place. I’ve always enjoyed Mark Burger’s movie reviews andthis afternoon I decided to look you folks up. I love newspapers, notthe online versions but the ones you can put your hands on and spreadacross the kitchen table. My daddy, a truck driver, used to bring themto me from far away but small places, so I especially like the localones. I am really impressed with your paper. The articles are so wellwritten and the subject matter is interesting. I would like tosubscribe. How do I do it?

Carla Springer via Cyberspace

The price is right

Firstof all I want to thank you for such a good newspaper/magazine, It ishard to believe that you guys put it all together for FREE! I justwanted to know what happened to the two racks you had on Hanes MallBoulevard. You had one at Burger King and Lazy Boy. Thanks again. Rick F. Winston-Salem

Water boy

Towhom it may concern, I hope the people of High Point realize that mostof the drainage basin for Oak Hollow Lake is in the Heart of the Triad.Do we really want to drink subdivision runoff?

Dewey Jordan High Point