Letters to the Editor

by YES! Staff

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100 songs

Hello. I’m sure you are getting lots of these but I wanted to comment on the ”100 best North Carolina Songs” article [May 20, 2009; by Jordan Green and Ryan Snyder]. Isn’t Gary Davis From South Carolina? I don’t really see ”Sampson and Delilah” as a North Carolina song unless you’re referencing Greensboro’s readiness to tear down old buildings. Here’s a few songs/ artists that I was surprised didn’t make the list. ”Carolina Sunshine Girl” by Jimmie Rodgers (Jerry Lee did a good job of it on SUN also). ”Kinfolks In Carolina” by Merle Travis, the best country guitar player I’ve ever heard. ”Blue Ridge Mountain Blues” by Doc And Merle. ”Dinah” by Lewis, Akst and Young (It’s hard to find a version that’s not instrumental but I’m pretty sure Gene Autry did it, along with Fats Waller and many pre-war pop singers). ”Carolina Shout!” by JP Johnson, Fats Waller, Jelly Roll Morton and many others. ”Smoke! Smoke! Smoke! that cigarette” by Merle Travis and Tex Ritter (Tex is from Oklahoma and Merle’s from Kentucky but Cigarettes are from NC) ”Cocaine Carolina” by Johnny Cash and David Allen Coe. Asheville Turnaround by the Del McCoury Band. As for some notable North Carolina Artists not mentioned: Blind boy Fuller, Sonny Terry, Brownie McGhee, Clarence Ashley & the Carolina Tar Heels, Clarence Ashley & the Blue Ridge Mountain Entertainers, Unknown Hinson, Samantha Bumgarner (the first person ever to record a 5-string banjo and possibly the first female country vocalist to be recorded) the North Carolina ramblers, the Blue Sky Boys. Anyway, pretty good list for the most part…really no need for two James Taylor songs, but thumbs up on the Flat Duo Jets. Micah via

Where’s Mike Cross?

Jordan, You blew it again! My first time e-mailing you was when you left of the Jerusalem Market from your top ethnic food stores. Your explanation was acceptable. We then discussed onion rings. After your article, I drove to one of the establishments in Winston Salem (I forgot the name) to try their onion rings. What a bummer, the restaurant was closed due to tax problems. Sooooooo, no taste of onion rings and I have to many dead brain cells to remember the other restaurant in WS. All other restaurants mentioned… well, let’s just say they did not pass the mustard, oops onion ring! Now you really blew it with your top 100 NC songs! How can you not mention Mike Cross? I would supply you with a long list of his many songs but I am too lazy to move my old 52-inch TV (not plasma or flat screen… probably as old as you!) to get my Mike Cross record albums! I had them on cassettes but they went missing in January 2007 when my car decided to flip a few times! Of course if I have to prove my point I guess I will get out of the recliner move the TV and bring you some Mike Cross music. You do have a record player don’t you! Harry Kutchei Greensboro

Thumbs up Chuck

Dear YES! Weekly, For once I agree with Chuck Norris [“Outlawing opinion”; May 20, 2009]! The feds should never harass or intimidate any one in order to preserve the gift of free speech in America! Although, for research for his latest column he should have consulted with the Dixie Chicks about their experiences during the “W” regime. Mike Beane Greensboro

A progressive speaks

Dear Mr. Green, I read with interest your latest editorial and find that your premise rings true with me [“Greensboro’s leadership has failed us”; May 13, 2009; by Jordan Green]. I have lived in Greensboro all of my 72 years and have been acquainted with many forwardlooking council members who tried very hard to be open and productive. It does seem that now the citizens who run for office have an agenda that may at times not be in the best interest of the city. And why is this? I’m not in the small group that runs for the council seats or provides most of the support but I have been concerned for some time that the best and the brightest just don’t care. But when we have a man on the national scene who has instilled a true sense of hope in so many, I am hopeful that his example will come to the local level. On a personal note, my father was a newspaperman from 1927 until his death in 1962. He was the city editor of the Greensboro Record until 1946 and then operated a weekly newspaper here, the Greensboro Free Press. He had smaller papers in King and Pilot Mountain. He would have loved your paper, but sadly he would have greatly disliked the the Rhinoceros Times. Maybe that tells us something. When we champion the finding and publishing of the truth all is well. But when the press is unpopular because it does just that, then we reap what we sow. Thanks for your views. Keep them coming. Yes, we can. Regards, Tom Wagg Greensboro


To whom it may concern, I hope the people of High Point realize that most of the drainage basin for Oak Hollow Lake is in the Heart of The Triad. Do we really want to drink subdivision runoff? Dewey Jordan High Point

‘Do I suck?’

Thanks for doing the write up on the old time jam at the Green Burro [“Preserving Tradition, Embracing the Future”; May 13, 2009; by Jordan Green]. Just wondering, why did you caption my photo with “There’s room for musicians of all levels of ability at an old-time jam session”? I’ve been playing old-time for 15 years. Did I really sound that bad?

Dave Wall Greensboro