Letters to the Editor

Messing with Chuck

Disheartening to pick up YES! Weekly and see that the conservative voice is Braddock. How about periodically tossing in a piece by Randall “Tex” Cobb. He was in a couple of those [Chuck] Norris vehicles and seems to have shared much of the same wildly mis-informed philosophy. You remember — they were invariably running around Laos on some Ross Perot-inspired manhunt for phantom POWs. If memory serves, even the old admiral himself (McCain) in a moment of maverick-inspired lucidity characterized the nine Braddock films as “mauldlin drivel that does much to undermine future relations between us and Ho Chi Minh city.” Or maybe he was just livid over the Norris/ Huckabee tag team chasing him up and down the countryside long after there was any mathematical possibility of overtaking him in the delegate count. But it is clear that YES! Weekly does endeavour to cover issues and ideas that are ignored by other Triad media. For this we are thankful. In a community dominated by Whigs and firearms, small comfort is provided by exposure of Bledsoe’s yearslong assault on African Americans being allowed to serve as police officers, and it’s good to know that art (while excruciatingly difficult to find) still adorns the walls of what can only be categorized as a few “safehouses.” I myself used a business I owned a long time ago to support art and found myself attacked in the streets for it like John Tower spitting on Adlai Stevenson in Texas some weeks before the murder of JFK. The same hopelessly corrupt, vertically challenged Tower whom to this day McCain cites as his number-one role model. One last thought. I’m amused by the college youth in the chat rooms comparing America to Rome. Read your Gibbon my young wreathed-in-hooch-smoke friends! It took Rome 300 years to go down. This here is gonna be a lot quicker. Respectfully,

Dalton Jones III


Rough re-entry

I too graduated from the re-entry program [“Ex-felons find success with reentry program”; by Amy Kingsley; Sept. 17, 2008]. I have been out almost two weeks and they haven’t offered me anything with the exception of a job in Charlotte. I live in greensboro! They failed to return my letters before release and told me that I would have to be their “guinea pig” because they had never worked with anyone in Guilford County. I too bettered myself in prison. I took correspondence courses through UNC Chapel Hill, completed cognitive-behavior classes and tried to do what was right. No one wants to hire me. I have been beating the streets for work over the past 10 days. Rear-Entry hasn’t done anything. Thomas Fritts


It must have been meant for me to pick up your magazine and read the story about ex-felons, and to have a program like that is wonderful. This story really touched me because I’m a felon also who’s been struggling finding a job that would accept my record and then accept me for employment. I can dress the part and talk professional, but when they review my application it turns for the worst, and most employers ask on the application if you’ve been convicted of a crime, like that won’t be a problem if you tell the truth or your conviction hasn’t been seven years old to consider you for a job. I would like to know, does this program work for felon who’s never been to jail and had to do probation and pay a fine? I would love to know, thank you.

Rosina Wright

High art

Chris: You are making an innocent mistake thinking that I make a nod to pop culture with “Land-o-Lakes” girl and the Tinman of The Wizard of Oz [“Allegorical Realism at the GHC”; by Chris Lowrance; Sept. 24, 2008]. I make no nods to pop — I significantly, purposefully avoid references to it. Others do it, I do not. If it reminded you of the butter girl and Oz, it is because this is the immediately available storeroom of your associations, not mine. If I painted an arch you would probably be thinking McDonald’s. Another miss is when you imagined seeing symbols in my art, perfectly devoid of symbols. For some gentle help I would encourage you to read the following: representation.htm

Best Wishes from Henryk Fantazos

Quote machine

Jordan: Thank you for quoting me completely and accurately [“Formerly homeless clients find services lacking”; by Jordan Green; Sept. 24, 2008]. I intend to follow up on specific concerns your article mentioned. There is a tremendous amount of anxiety and chaos in the mental health industry related to uneven

public policy. However, we at RHA endeavor to provide fair and supportive services to all our consumers. Have a nice day.

Mike Rhoades

The writer is chief operating officer at RHA Behavioral Health.

Cat fanciers

I read your story with great delight [“There’s nothing wrong with writing about your cat”; by Brian Clarey; Sept. 17, 2008]. I too did not realize that at 10 years, cats were seniors. But, you are correct. Enjoy them for everything they do while you have them. I had two sisters who found me 14 years ago. One died last year at 13 1/2 from diabetes/cancer. I had been giving her twice-daily insulin injections for two years. Her sister, my precious little girl, died two days after three hours of surgery last month. All of the doctors’ opinions and pathology reports still do not know why. Her doctor/ hospital bill went over $8,000. It’s devastating that they don’t get up on the bed at night, don’t get up on the bed when I sleep in and put their paw on my mouth while I’m asleep. Love every day with them. Thanks for an enjoyable article. Steve Hall