Letters to the Editor


A tad too European?

Thanks so much for coming out to see Sam and Teresa play last Friday night at the Green Bean. Everyone helped get the word out and we had a successful evening. I took Teresa to the airport Wednesday morning and while we waited for the plane, I picked up a copy of YES! Weekly and there was the review [‘“Folksters close out the year at the Green Bean’”; Jan. 4, 2006; by Amy Kingsley] so she got to see it before she left town! Thanks again. I can’t help wondering, though, if all of the Greek mainlanders who came in equal numbers to see Teresa (she developed a following last time she played in town at Pastabilities) felt slighted by your reference to the Sapphists who showed on her behalf. Since all but one of Teresa’s songs were written about men, she, too, didn’t quite understand why you made such a reference in your review or why it mattered who was listening at all. I know lots of ‘“Righteous Babes,’” myself included, who really dig Sam, too. Perhaps when she returns in March you could sit with all of us and we’ll introduce you around to the Sapphists and mainlanders alike because none of us gives a damn who is sleeping with whom’….

Heather Cutler


We’ve arrived

Love the article [‘“The dramatic and weird elements of the Arrival’”; Jan. 4, 2006; by Jordan Green]. I’m amazed at how personal you were able to make it. I also feel that you totally hit the nail on the head in your assessment of us.’ Thank you so much for giving us this opportunity! Donnie would also like to add that you made his first interview quite enjoyable.’ 

Christy Johnson


The writer is lead singer for the Arrival.

Voting machines

I provide a subscriber clipping service called ‘“Daily Voting News.’” The service provides links and headlines to the day’s voting news on voting machines, voter ID and other issues of interest to the subscribers. Our subscribers list ranges from voting activists to computer scientists to college professors to members of congressional staff to members of the media. We are also published daily on VoteTrustUSA, The BradBlog, and OpEdNews.

In my work I, of course, read a lot of articles on voting issues. I wanted to tell you that I admire your reporting [‘“To touch or to scan? That is the question’”; Jan. 4, 2006; by Amy Kingsley], especially that you are, unlike some who claim to be, ‘“fair and balanced.’” Today’s article was well-done. Thank you for that.

One comment I have is that when comparing costs between DRE and optical-scan you need to take into account a lot of hidden costs. In the article you mention that it would take 1,200 DREs or 340 optical-scan w/AutoMARK ballot marking devices (170 precincts x 2). These are all computers and require special storage. They can just go in the attic or the basement somewhere. The DREs require constant electrical to keep their batteries re-charged. The batteries, if left to discharge, cost $50 to $125 apiece depending on the battery used. Storage must be in climate-controlled rooms because heat and cold can damage the machines.

The obsolescence span for DREs is about five to seven years. (Hint: Georgia just bought their machines in 2001 and is now seriously discussing scrapping $54M worth of DREs so they can upgrade and pay around $100M to do that). Call someone who scraps computers and ask how much it costs them for hazardous waste disposal.

These are the types of things that were included in the Florida cost-study that we have on our website (

I hope this helps a little. Thank you again and keep up the excellent work.

John Gideon

Sultan, Wash.

The writer is the executive director for and information manager for

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Our mothers weigh in

Lee, you captured it! [‘“Christmas traditions: old and new’”; Dec. 28, 2005; by Lee Adams] All the Christmas craziness not only with the relatives but also with the rednecks. Traditions that are so foreign to other families but so precious to us. I too am not looking forward to the time when the traditions change again and the last of your grandparents are gone but for now I will savor every precious moment I have with them and with you and your family and your sister and her foreigner husband. Life is sweet and God is Good.

Jeane Adams


The writer is the mother of Lee Adams.

The article was great and you really captured the essence of PaPa [‘“Remembering Pa-Pa at the top of his game’”; Jan. 4, 2006; by Brian Clarey]. I think it is one of your best.

Barbara Clarey

Garden City, NY

The writer is the mother of Brian Clarey.


What a colossal waste of tax dollars and resources. [‘“Report on 1979 Klan-Nazi shootings to be released in late April’”; Jan. 4, 2006; by Jordan Green].

Craig Miller

Cleveland, Tenn.

Clarification: The Greensboro Truth and Reconciliation Commission is funded by private sources. However, tax dollars have been spent to provide police protection for the commission’s public hearings.

Or good taste?

This was a very helpful article [‘“Report on 1979 Klan-Nazi shootings to be released in late April’”]. I think it is essential that the Commission’s report becomes a report for the entire community of Greensboro and not for any groups who try to take the report and ‘spin’ certain parts.

It is important to be reminded that the ANC had major conflicts with the South African T&R Commission. Such conflicts were healthy and showed the independence of the Commission. In Greensboro, I imagine, that many will have strong disagreements with certain parts of the Commission’s report.

I assume that the Commission will see most of the parties involved on Nov. 3 in a much more critical light than those groups view themselves. Everyone’s actions including the militant behavior of the CWP and the provocation by the CWP must be sufficiently analyzed in this report.

This report belongs to the entire community and it also needs to be scrutinized by the entire community.

John D. Young