Letters to the Editor


A brother from way back

Dear Brian:

Nice article you sent to the rest of us at Deadshows/yahoo [‘“A night of the surviving Dead’”; Feb. 8, 2006; by Brian Clarey]. I appreciate the input from you, and miss the old days, when a sea of tie-dye would scare people. Nowadays, tie-dye is passé. Most everything we stood for, or have meant in our lives is passé, or has been trivialized by those who didn’t get on the bus when the bus stopped for them.

I saw the band about 120 times, from 1971 to 1995, and never regretted a note. I had fun in the peanut gallery backstage when, in 1982 and 1983, I worked for the local promoter that brought the band to Santa Fe, NM. Those days were highlights for me, and I will not forget the fun we had, and the hard work that entailed these events.

Aiko Aiko, brother. May your trip be long, but not strange.’ 

Mike Kitts

Albuquerque, NM

We are not a pageant

Great Job on the article about NC Jr. Miss [‘“Being a Junior Miss’”; Feb. 8, 2006; by AmyKingsley]. However, I do have one complaint’… you made a statement early in the article, about the fact that Jr. Miss is not a pageant, it is a scholarship program. Then, you refer to the ‘“pageant’” numerous times after that.’ We work hard to instill in the participants and girls who may one day want to participate that the Jr. Miss program is not, in fact, a pageant. Jr. Miss is not about outer beauty, it is about inner beauty, and scholastic achievement. These are girls who are well rounded and who have high aspirations of achieving incredible goals not related to their looks. In the future, when reporting on this PROGRAM, please remember it IS NOT A PAGEANT, IT IS A SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAM!

Lindsay Sanders

Marietta, Ga.

Lilly drug not on market

Dear Mr. Green:

Eli Lilly and Company is not promoting inhaled insulin in any way, particularly through T-shirts, as described in the Feb. 8, 2006 issue of YES! Weekly [‘“Greensboro business expands minds with color’”]. Your article inaccurately represents this as a new medication that is on the market and available to consumers.

Lilly and its partner Alkermes, Inc. are developing a product to treat diabetes by delivering insulin through an inhaler, but the product is not approved by the US Food and Drug Administration or any regulatory agency in the world. The product candidate is currently in Phase 3 clinical development, the last stage before a submission is made for FDA review. We would like to emphasize that we are not promoting this unapproved product in any way.

Regarding the T-shirts referenced in the article, Lilly worked with Dye Nation to develop the shirts for internal Lilly employee use. These shirts have not and will not be used for public promotion of an unapproved product. We do appreciate Dye Nation’s work on the T-shirts and wish the company the best of luck in its future endeavors.


J. Scott MacGregor

The writer is a spokesman for Eli Lilly and Co.

Angry flyboy

Dr. Mr. Overman,

I am writing in response to your cover story in YES! Weekly, Vol. 2, Num. 4, ‘“PIT continues to be a contender’” [Jan. 25, 2006; by Ogi Overman]. As a former airline pilot for one of the bankrupt carriers serving KGSO who drew a line in the sand and left the ailing industry, I feel qualified to respond to this story. You should have titled it ‘“Everything’s Coming Up Roses at KGSO’”. Did the Airport Authority or the Greensboro Chamber of Commerce pay you to pitch this propaganda? Things look very, very bright at GSO? Curiously so’…

I hope in future articles you might wish to emphasize that these are the most financially challenging times the airline industry has experienced since it’s post-World War II inception. The Part 121 Operators (the vast majority of which are operating under Chapter 11) pay dearly to operate out of GSO! Fuel and operating costs per seat mile have never been higher, while ticket prices and the over-all quality of airline travel has never been lower! This inverse relationship cannot continue without re-regulating the airlines! The alternative is that the business models at the major airlines must change; which will include an across-the-board hike in ticket prices! The general public must be educated about this fact. Unless labor at the airlines is finally willing to work for free, where else will the airlines get the capital to operate in the black?

Please also mention to the reader that airline shareholders and taxpayers do indeed foot the bill for airlines operating under Chapter 11! The traveling public, the airlines and the airports hosting those carriers must alter their mindsets about how this critical aspect of the national transportation infrastructure functions. It is your job to educate them!

Additionally, there was absolutely nothing mentioned in your article about the role that general aviation plays at KGSO. Why not?

Lastly, something else you overlooked ‘— the empennage of the aircraft pictured on page 13 is wearing the colors of US Airways (a carrier that has filed for bankruptcy two times in two years) and not American Airlines, the world’s largest carrier, whose losses total more than $7,000,000,000 (that’s billion) since 2001and whose stock prices continue to fall, while it’s 1,000 or so executive receive bonuses!


Mike Beavers

Comments from

Headline of Article: ‘“Being a Junior Miss’”; Feb. 8, 2006; by Amy Kingsley

As one of the host families of the NC Jr. Miss, I just wanted to congratulate YES! Weekly on the accurate portrayal of the girls’ nine-day competition. The girls were not only incredibly smart, articulate and well rounded but also friendly, funny and fantastic to have around. One would never know they were in direct competition with one another. It was a wonderful experience not only for them, but also for us.

Cindy Barbour


ed. note: the letter writer is not the same Cindy Barbour as was featured on the Feb. 8 Page Three.

Thank you so-o-o-o much for this wonderful article. You captured the essence of Jr. Miss and have given many others the opportunity to hear what it is about from a non-biased perspective.

Carla Morgan

Apex, NC

Headline of Article: ‘“New hip-hop alliance aspires to crack airwaves’”; Feb. 8, 2006; by Jordan Green

Well written article. Heard a few of El Greco’s earlier tracks and they were hot fire. A nice deviation from the typical ‘“my car, my watch’” hip-hop that is all over the place now. A bit more thought provoking to say the least. I look forward to the solo album. Will definitely pick that up when it’s released.

Michael McIntyre

San Mateo, Calif.