Letters to the Editor


Glad you’re alright


Talk about crashing the gate! Yikes! Just off the phone with Jill and she told me about the hold up at the OK Corral [‘“A new Gate City rite of passage?’”; March 15, 2006; by Brian Clarey]. I am so glad you are okay, and Lauren, I feel for her too. The column was good, told me what to do if it ever happens to me (and I never realized until after I read it). Thanks.

Glad you’re still with us,

Pam Lynch


Muslim advertisment laughable

Dear Sir:

I read the letter addressed to the Rhino Times editor written by the Muslims for a Better NC and had to laugh. Where are their letters when their fellow Muslims blow up Shia shrines and churches in Iraq, killing innocent worshippers? Where was their letter when the coward Taheri-azar rammed his SUV into innocent college kids? Where were their letters when innocent civilians who were trying to help rebuild Iraq were kidnapped and beheaded in Iraq by cowardly terrorists?

Why don’t they ask (or URGE) their fellow Muslims back home and here to cease and desist their cowardly acts? Can they spell hypocrisy?

Obaid Al Dhaheri


Thanks for remembering the Marshall plane crash

Hi Lauren,

I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed your recent article about the Marshall tragedy [‘“Memories of a Marshall tragedy’”; March 15, 2006; by Lauren Cartwright]. I was born in Huntington and my parents currently live there. This tragic event is still mentioned in my family; my mother was in high school when the plane crashed and I appreciate you making the city of Greensboro more aware of that fateful day.

Thank you for an article well done!


Laura Humphreys


Didn’t want to give the wrong impression

In the Tager article you wrote in the March 8-14 paper [‘“Family chases former employee for $300,000 debt,’” by Jordan Green], the last sentence in the article was not properly presented. It reads to everyone who has commented to me about it, that I was stating that not all attorneys are ‘“smart.’” It unfairly slanders attorneys and that is not what I was trying to relay to you. I stated that if the individual layperson did not know and research the law then they really need to get an attorney to figure out the exemptions.


Teri Nance


The writer is an assistant clerk at Guilford County Court.

Article comment from

Headline of Article: ‘“Payday lenders outlawed for predatory practices’”; March 8, 2006; by Amy Kingsley

Unfortunately, not all payday lenders have been put out of business. The largest targets have been forced to close, but numerous small operators remain throughout the state. And, online payday lenders, most untraceable and based outside the United States and therefore practically untouchable legally, continue to offer small payday loans at outrageous interest rates with complete impunity.

David Puryear