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Lax backlash

Headline of Article: ‘“Advantages of the privileged lacrosse sect’”; April 5, 2006; by Brian Clarey

Unbelievable. Congrats Brian, you’ve finally managed to even the score between yourself and all the ‘“jocks’” and ‘“jerk lacrosse players’” that picked on you in high school. In addition, like everyone else, you have convicted a whole team for a crime of which, not only has there not been a single charge, but the evidence and testimony of the alleged victim is becoming more and more shoddy at best. When these ‘“jerks’” are exonerated, which they will be, will you write an article apologizing for your rush to judgment? Doubt it. Would that then make you the jerk?

Kevin Kelley


What a bunch of hooey. I cannot tell whether you are ‘“reporting’” or ‘“op-ed’” ing. In either case, the feature leaves much to be desired. You write of your hometown that lacrosse is an ‘“incredibly WASPy game’” I can’t figure out if you are attacking the game or your town. If you are airing out your own skewed views from what may have been an unhappy childhood, so be it. But to the extent that you mischaracterize the game, I take strong exception. The lacrosse playing population is so socio-economically diverse as to render your comments almost meaningless. Baldwin, Long Island, where we are from, is racially and economically mixed. As you are from Long Island, you surely must be aware of the diversity of the towns that dot the island. With no disrespect intended to these communities, Freeport, Hempstead and Uniondale, all of which field teams, are not generally considered ‘“priviliged’” or ‘“WASPy’” communities. My sons, who grew up in Baldwin, have played since their youth, through college; we are Jewish. Casey Carroll, a Duke player, and a Baldwin teammate of one of my sons, is the son of an Irish-American retired New York City fireman. Come on Mr. Clarey, stop stereotyping. In fact, stop typing.

Kenneth Wolf

Baldwin, NY

I too played for Doc back in the ’80s. Like yourself I was a wiseass who could do no harm or wrong. Until one day I was cutting class with a few friends and got caught by Doc. He took me aside and spoke to me as a truly concerned adult with an understanding of the severe consequences of my behavior. It changed me and the way I behaved in and out of the classroom. I went on to graduate with a BS and now run a very succusseful business. Thank you, Garden City, and people like Doc Dougherty for all you have done for me. I hope one day to return the good deeds to society and work on it every day.


Nassau County, NY


We’ve lived there for 14 years, you are so right.’  That’s why we have such a problem with youth here in Garden City. no role models.

Great article.

That’s why two of my sons are going to Chaminade. The other son [Coach] Flatley cut to make room for an alumni’s son. Then Doc laughed at him. He still doesn’t teach gym.

Best of luck,

Don Pfail

Garden City, NY


Okay, you are sickening because these guys haven’t even been charged. One, maybe two, of them might have done something wrong, and you have an entire article condemning them. Which is worse, your accusations against people who did nothing wrong, or some of them actually doing something wrong? Granted, if it was all-out rape, but if all they did was call some girls some names after they got stiffed then all this isn’t so bad. Why are you defending [an] un-educated [sic], out of wedlock child bearing, strippers again? Would those be the types of people you would entrust your most precious secrets with? Didn’t think so’… hypocrite!

When is the last time you sat around and chatted with your friends, and one of them was a stripper, with a kid, not college educated, black and single’… okay thought so, so your opinion and belief to the core of this person doesn’t count, because all you want to do is point fingers, you have zero subject knowledge of either of these groups of people unfortunately involved in this event. I am sorry this happened for the Duke lacrosse team’… and sorry if anything poorly was done to this girl, but if she is lying anyway about being raped, that is the most punishable crime then.

Bryce Bowman


You sir, are a no talent hack.

Chris Johnson


The author of this lacrosse piece is the most biased, angry and disgruntled writer I have had the displeasure of reading in some time. His obvious self-esteem problems have caused him to lash out at a group of 40 lacrosse players he knows nothing about. Since he was treated poorly by lacrosse players while growing up the author is quickly able to diagnose a whole legal case within a couple of paragraphs revisiting his own childhood memories. His argument that ‘“They treated me poorly when I was around them so these kids must be treating other people the same way ‘“ is a strong case if you are entering grammar school or checking into a rehabilitation center. But why let the facts stand in the way of a person who still has emotional wounds from not being athletic growing up.

The fact of the matter is that the victim said it was three Duke team members who raped her. Not 40. So 37 people by the victim’s own admission did not touch her. Next each member of the team said they did not do it. They willingly gave DNA samples. If the authorities had evidence that the players committed the crime they would have been arrested regardless of whether or not the players cooperated. So when you say 40 players are trying to stonewall the authorities what are you saying? If you are innocent what are you supposed to say other than I did not do it? Since when are the authorities unable to arrest people when they have evidence that proves them guilty?

If the players did not do it and they have not been charged with anything and their legal advice is telling them do not speak unless you are charged with a crime [sic]. What exactly have all 40 players done wrong? If the tests come back and tell a different story then at least there will be new facts to the situation. As of right now, she said they did it. They said they did not. Until something changes like charges being filed the author should look for new ways to get back at the jocks who hurt his feelings growing up.


Matthew Feeney

Jersey City, NJ

Real mature article Mr. Clarey. There is no place for you to be writing articles regarding your personal grievances with Garden City and Garden City High. Nobody cares!

Aaron Fenton


I applaud Brian’s take on this situation. I knew Mr. Clarey in school and he always was and obviously still remains a very articulate person. What he relates about my hometown is right on the money. Ask many who were raised in the hallowed halls of GC what was the racial makeup of the town. What lessons concerning diversity were taught between parties, exclusive clubs and WASPy occasions? You are right on the money Brian. I salute your courage in bringing to light the shame that many heartful individuals feel at being associated with an institution who trades trophies for integrity. Ask the student who was verbally and racially assaulted by the hallowed coach if he buys into the myth.

I think not.

Harrison Cherney

Mt. Sinai, NY

Brian who? That’s what many ’86-’90 GC lax players must be saying about Mr. Clarey. Why? He wasn’t a victim of mean jocks that eventually motivated him to write this article. I know, I graduated with Brian and remember him well. Smart, did his own thing, drank like the rest of us and had a good time. I don’t remember him ever being a target of lax or football players. It is upsetting that he labels some of his former lax/football classmates as ‘“complete jerks’” after so many years. Does he really feel that way 18 years later or does he have another agenda?

Back in the day, Brian was just an all around nice guy. You shouldn’t be surprised if you don’t remember Brian. He probably never crossed your path. I really don’t remember him being angry, outspoken or drawing attention to himself in a negative or controversial way. So why is he now attacking GC, it’s programs and it’s athletes and making the connection to such a heinous crime. Simple. He’s now part of the media. It’s is his job to get us all worked up and get his name circulated. So before you blow a gasket, read on!

Now as a GC high alum football player and current resident of GC, I don’t appreciate his comments or the fact that he is insulting people from his generation who have nothing, whatsoever to do with what happened at Duke in March. His comparison of football and lax players further diminishes his credibility as his perception of their intelligence makes him sound like he’s just an angry person with an axe to grind on the jock population. What is he saying? Most jocks (especially lax players in this case) have committed similar atrocities to the Duke scandal but just haven’t been caught? The Brian Clarey that I knew wouldn’t have drawn these conclusions. However, as the editor of YES! Weekly the temptation of a hot topic combined with the spin factor is just too hard to resist. That is his job after all.

I think Brian knows that the athletic programs at Garden City have created many good and successful alumni who learned about teamwork, accountability and leadership during their time with the lax team or football team. Like it or not Brian, Doc Dougherty, Defo and Flatley played a part in seeing these once immature kids grow up and take responsibility. If you’re reading this, you are probably one of them!

If the GC/Duke kids were involved in this terrible crime, it’s not because they went to Garden City, played lacrosse or where born with silver spoons in their mouths. It’s because they used terribly bad judgment, drank too much and let the situation get out of hand. The result was tragic and if the stripper’s story is true, inexcusable.

When a few do bad, can we really blame the entire town, the sport of lacrosse, the Men’s Association or Doc Dougherty? Absolutely not! Any reasonable person must know that. If proven guilty, the blame lies with the individuals who did this! That’s for the courts to decide, not Brian Clarey. But despite everything, his story certainly is a good read if you don’t know the truth! Get ready for much, much more as the story develops! Unfortunately, let the media circus begin.

Carlos Cabana

Garden City, NY

I too grew up in Garden City and that seemed to work out quite well for me. I have a fabulous home in the Hamptons and a penthouse in New York, and it all came from hard work and dedication to a fulfilling career. Your depiction of Garden City youth’s; especially those involved in athletics (my friends and I were involved in many on and off field athletic organizations) literally seems like you transposed it from some trashy Lifetime or after school ABC special. As noted below the internet has no screening process for validity of comments, its unfortunate that a person as misguided as yourself is allowed to influence public thought (not that I believe your article influenced anyone to believe anything other than the fact that you lack the capability to formulate a fair, balanced and well informed article). Anyway, I think I am going to go over to the high school and rip shots at an empty net with my $10 wooden lax stick.

Name withheld

New York


I did not grow up in Garden City. Instead, I was raised in Suffolk County.

Long Island has always had a disdain for it’s black residents. I recall the federal government accusing real estate companies of ‘“steering’” or persuading prospective black homeowners to buy property only in predominately black neighborhoods.

In so very many ways, Long Island remains 20 years behind much of the country in race relations.

Durham, at least before the rape case, had made far more progress.

I’ll make a prediction: When we finally learn the facts of this case, one of the troublemakers will be from Long Island. And not a single one of them will have any connection to North Carolina beyond Duke University.

And it will not be because these kids are any worse than other kids from other parts of the world.

It will be because Long Island has yet to come to terms with the diverse nature of THE REAL WORLD! There is a world of difference between the outside world and the often secluded confines of Long Island (at times, even New York City is a million miles away for some that reside on ‘“the Island.’”).

It’s the parents, the adults that are to blame for not preparing their kids for an ever increasingly diverse world (Long Island kids would be completely lost out in northern California).

That horrible, lasting insult, ‘“Thank your grandpa for my cotton shirt,’” is a comment that could have easily been said on Long Island when I was growing up. Perhaps, it can still be said there today without too much outrage?

You’re readers remain in complete denial about the point I’m raising.

They’re all in defense mode. You’ve stripped them of their cover. So, they’re attacking the messenger.

Unfortunately, for all of my old Long Island neighbors, the message will not go away.


OK. Let me put the Marlboro cigarette back in your mouth.

Go ahead, everyone! I’ve placed the cigarette back in Brian’s mouth! You can shoot him now!


Philadelphia, Penn.

This article is absolute trash; at its best at its worst it is a crime. Right now no charges have been filed against these 40 Duke players. If three students were arrested that would mean that 37 people were innocent. Yet your distorted article paints the whole Duke team as guilty. What’s more, you go back to the depths of your childhood and indict a entire high school lacrosse program. Garden City HS has done nothing wrong. You discredited an excellent coach, his staff and the players who have played for him. All because of an unfortunate event which was totally unrelated. Your own experiences do not give you the right to paint a distorted picture of an ongoing investigation. Your assumption of guilt by association is a popular trait amongst racists. Your sentiments of ‘“I know the type they all did it’” is dangerous. Right now there is a victim in the girl but people like you are creating a whole new class of victims. The student athletes who have worked hard there [sic] whole lives only to be painted in a negative light on the grounds of guilty by association. If you want to write an article about why you hate lacrosse players that’s your right but to do it when there is a criminal investigation and lives at stake is a disgrace. Why don’t you wait to the facts come out before you spew any more stereotypes and insults?

Walter Rasper

New York

I too grew up in Garden City and although there are minor truths in your article, I can’t help to feel sorry for you. It seems as though you have written an article to vent about your miserable childhood in GC. Don’t label a town inaccurately just because you either had your ass kicked several times a week after school or you couldn’t find a girl to talk to you until the age of 22. The power of sharing opinions over the internet can be quite effective ‘— however I feel your article was more about the things you dislike in GC than the unfortunate incident that occurred at Duke University. I recommend that you keep your opinions to yourself and get professional help to discuss your childhood issues.


Nassau County, NY

One funny thing about your comments Brian is that the majority of players who played for Garden City went on to get their college degrees and became upstanding and very successful citizens throughout the country. I did not have the privilege of playing for Doc since I transferred to St. Paul’s mid sophomore year. I grew up in Garden City and have many fond memories of my teenage years and remain friendly with many of my graduating class and many of them played lacrosse as I did at St. Paul’s in Garden City.

Brad Cherney

New York

Cease and desist

Dear Sir or Madam:

As you may be aware, HOB Entertainment Inc and its subsidiaries own and operate the world-famous House of Blues restaurant/nightclubs and own the trademark in the name ‘“House of Blues.’” In addition, the House of Blues also owns several variations of its ‘“flaming heart’” logo.

It has come to our attention that your magazine has created a cover page and story titled, ‘“House of Dues,’” [by Jordan Green; March 22] using a flaming heart logo. The design of the logo clearly indicates that you copied the House of Blues logo. While you may believe that such a knockoff is flattery, we believe that our being associated with bands that perform in self-storage units is damaging.

Please confirm in writing to the undersigned that you will cease and desist, without our prior permission, from further use of the House of Blues flaming heart logo or any confusingly similar mark. Please also confirm that you will destroy any copies of such copied logos in your system.

Very truly yours,

Michael Etzioni

Hollywood, Calif.