Letters to the Editor


Ann Coulter: Should she stay?

Dear Sir/Madam –

YES! Weekly should keep Ann Coulter’s commentary. The far, social, right ‘— Coulter, Limbaugh, Schafley and their ilk, like the News & Record’s Charles Davenport ‘— represent a significant voice in current American politics, and it is important for Americans to be able to see just how dishonest, inhumane, irresponsible and often simply evil this voice is. Ironically, the more they emphasize values, especially when adjectives like ‘“family,’” ‘“conservative’” or ‘“Christian’” are attached, the less they reflect what is enduring about the values of Western civilization, perhaps because they are more interested in being saved than civilized.

Since we have twice elected an incompetent idiot who embodies many of their political and religious ideals, and folks sufficiently numerous to be scary think that more of the same blundering would improve matters, we need to see that failure is inherent in the intellectual attitudes these people embody.

Greensboro is cursed with a daily newspaper that seems intent on avoiding the news in favor of human relations tales. Greensboro is blessed with several independent publications that try to fill the void while serving their apparent main purpose of providing varied popular entertainment coverage.

My first experience with the latter upon returning here this January was to find out the hard way that one editor is as thin-skinned and thick-skulled as the animal his screedy little tabloid is named after. He’s like an Ann Coulter without the cleverness or intelligence to bring off his hooey with a modicum of integrity or believability, and he seems to believe that freedom of the press applies only to his point of view. I just don’t go there any more.

YES! Weekly is different. Jordan Green did an excellent job on the Guilford County Schools in this week’s issue, as did Amy Kingsley in her article on the EMF and Shostakovich, detailing the importance of this late master composer whom EMF seems less eager to acknowledge than Billy Joel. Kingsley’s coverage of the Southern Baptist Convention provided more in summary than the News & Record did in its total coverage, including her splendid photo of that statue which combines all the fine aesthetic qualities of Beijing’s Red-Book Mao and South Bend’s Touchdown Jesus, but then I’m just one of Coulter’s Godless Liberals.


Christopher C. Tew


Ann Coulter has an unfettered right to hold any opinion she chooses. She has a slightly limited right to express those opinions. YES! Weekly has the right to choose whether to publish or not publish Ann Coulter’s columns. YES! Weekly readers have the right to read Ann Coulter’s words or to skip over them. Censorship, whether by fiat or by popular opinion is a dangerous thing. It is much more important to listen to the opinions of those who we disagree with than to hear those who hold views similar to our own. After all, we already know what the people who agree with us think. Please continue to publish Ann Coulter’s columns. Offensive or not, they are usually food for thought.

Stephen Putnam


Why the big deal about Ms. Coulter? I’m reminded of a 4-year-old kid not getting attention from any of the polite company sitting around the parlor, so she decides that the best thing to do is to come dancing naked through the crowd.

Kevin Haggerty



Ann Coulter writes satire, biting satire. She can be a tad ‘“offensive,’” but she makes valid points. The left make worse comments about the right then Ms. Coulter has ever made about the left. Cartoons showing Condoleezza Rice as a ‘“mammy’” sitting on a porch. Calling Colin Powell a ‘“house nigger.’” Several liberals have called for the murder of President Bush. Oh, it is just satire says the left. Well, what is good for the goose is good for the gander. Take care,

George Raynor


Or should she go?

Three votes from our family to dump Ann Coulter. It’s been a long time since such a vituperative shrew captured this much attention.’ You’re right, though ‘— it’s not her, it’s us. And we say, vote her off the island!

Terrell, Deborah and Alexander Hayes



Get rid of her. She is an obnoxious, bitter woman. I don’t care about a more balanced point of view for your paper. If I, or anyone else, need to hear her kind of malicious diatribes, there’s always FOX News.

Talk to you soon

Lisa Neeld

Belle Meade, NJ

ed. note: The writer is my aunt.

To the Editor:

First, I enjoy reading your paper very much. It is a welcome the addition to the Greensboro scene. Good job!

Concerning Ms. Coulter: At first I thought her column was a parody; demented parody, but parody nonetheless. However, I soon realized that she was actually serious. The woman is clearly insane and, after her recent attack on the September 11th widows, it is my opinion that she should no longer be carried by YES! Weekly. She is mad and thus deserves our pity, but not our readership.

I have no doubt that you will be able to find another conservative voice for the opinion pages. Please just choose someone more intelligent than Charles Davenport!

Sincerely yours,

Henry P. Hackett


Dear YES!,

I applaud your decision to include your readers input into whether or not to ditch Ann Coulter’s column. I must admit that I’ve basically quit reading her rants. I’ve seen her recent interviews questioning her slanderous behavior and cringed at her overly defensive and self-righteous excuses. It almost seems that she’s become a bitter Jerry Springer-esque spokeswoman for the bottom-of-the-barrel right-wing political ignorance. Does she just want to be on TV? Is she getting rich off this shit?

I’m so glad you’re considering replacing her with someone else. Even if it takes some time, her column is a waste of ink and space and would be better used as ad space to support the hard work of those of you at YES! Weekly that put out this free publication for those of us who understand the difference between ethics and evangelism, as well as the difference between free speech and a temper tantrum.

Yours Truly,

Carrie Stott


I enjoy reading YES! Weekly, and I support the ideas behind having someone like Ann Coulter represented. But in recent weeks I find myself seeing that space as a black hole, skipping it over, assuming there will be nothing to be gained there. I’d rather see a columnist with whom I will certainly disagree, but from whom I may learn something. I still want to believe there are those of very different views who can make us think, can stretch our definitions and boundaries a bit. Coulter is simply irritating, and a sad reminder of how low we seem to be sinking. Thanks for listening, and keep up the good work.

Julie Peeples


I don’t think anything has changed with Ms. Coulter. Her signal-to-noise ratio has always been zero.

Derrick Kirkman