Letters to the Editor


OMG, Quaker Village is totally lame

This article kind of upset me [“Teenagers face banishment from the Village”; July 26, 2006; by Jordan Green]. In fact, it really upset me. I’m one of the Quaker kids too. I know janinescene and devindelirium. They’re awesome people. We honestly do nothing wrong when we’re at Quaker. And the security does harass us. It’s ridiculous. I just wanted to state my opinion.

Sonia Akman


Stop hatin’

I know people treat people like them differently because they can’t accept who they are. My best friend is gay and I don’t know what I would do without him in my life. Most people that see me with him won’t even talk to me afterwards because they feel uncomfortable. But if they don’t know he is then they talk to him and fall in love with him because he is amazing and when I go, “Oh well he’s gay,” they freak out like they now have something wrong with him. Some people will accept it but not all and that’s something they have to deal with every day but I want everyone to know that there are people like me that love them and wouldn’t have them any other way.

Heather Allen

Rock Island, Ill.

Spin junkie?

Hey Clarey,

I just heard your ad for YES! Weekly on the radio. Come on man, I’ve read your rag several times, and you and your staff spin as much or more than the Rhino. Sure, it is your paper, so you are entitled to state your opinion. Just don’t lie about stating the facts as they really are. Of course the biggest spinmaster is Oh Gee. This man apparently imbibed too much at the good time boogies that he is so proud of. I guess maybe his perception is altered beyond repair. I have to admit, Gee is always good for a laugh. Anyway, I must return to work where I produce something of real value. This is a concept that you and your staff should try sometime. Keep the pulpwood companies in business Clarey, and keep providing us with lining for our litter boxes!


Steve Ellington


Lumbee lament

The Lumbee Indians are indeed a federally recognized tribe [“Contractor for Duke Energy sued for discrimination”; August 2, 2006; by Amy kingsley]. Furthermore, the Lumbee Tribe is the largest American Indian tribe east of the Mississippi River. They were recognized as Native Americans in 1956, but the Lumbee Recognition Act simultaneously recognized them and denied them federal benefits to go with that recognition. Because they were cheated and shortchanged in 1956, they are still without value in 2006? This sounds like a clear case of “racial discrimination’ and a transparent attempt to discredit the victim.

Dorothy Hunt

Hurley, NY

One last Coulter reference

Dear Editor:

I just read where you dropped Ann Coulter from your paper. Too bad. I’ve never’ read your paper but had I known you carried Miss Coulter’s column I would have picked up a copy.

Thank you,

Phil Bullington


Brit loves Thorn

Adam Thorn is one of the craziest performers I have ever seen [“Garden State pulls from the Gate City’s talent pool”; July 26. 2006; by Amy Kingsley]. His performances with Kudzu were always insane. One time at North Six in Brooklyn he was hanging from a rafter by his knees and crashed headfirst onto the cement floor. Before his eyes even uncrossed, he was scrambling for the mic (easy because the cord was tangled around his neck) and continued singing. Can’t wait for the solo record.

Matt Brown

Brooklyn, NY/London, UK