Letters to the Editor


Song & dance

I’ve been a customer as well as an employee at the N Club [“Former Generals president buys the N Club; Medaloni to keep Much”; Aug. 9, 2006; by Jordan Green]. Me and my dance team would promote for the N Club on a consistent basis. I always felt that our dance and unique style has had a great impact on the influence of the crowd of people that would come out to see us perform. I would love to see more entertainment because I know that is one of the things that really put N Club on the map to being one of the hottest clubs in the Triad.

Lance Gregory

Portsmouth, Va.

Balding is balding

I went to college in Raleigh, but I just returned to NC after having lived in rural northern Virginia where, sadly, there is no alternative news. I missed my Independent.

Digested your column over coffee this morning [Marketing Strategies for the hapless”; Aug. 16, 2006; by Brian Clarey]. It did bring a wry smile to my face. It’s nice to know that not everyone takes the world so seriously though I couldn’t get your obfuscatory joke about Donald Trump. Unless of course that was the trial run marking “pilapanthic nightmare” as your signature catch-phrase?

Brad Johnson


Editor replies: “Pilapanthia” is defined as “the fading of hair.” It’s from the Latin. And as a custodian of the language I believe that I’m allowed to make words up, as long as I do so responsibly.

Christian naturists

I found the paper at a Health Food store. What caught my attention was the article about Market America [“Can Market Amierca save your soul?”; Aug. 9, 2006; by Brian Clarey]. What I read was the Illustrated story about Bar-S-Ranch [“Framed: Take pride in your hide”; by Chris Lowrance]. I have a naturist website for Christians. Yup, that’s right, Christians are naturists too! I thought the story was great. Thanks Chris.

Boyd Allen


Longworth on the money

I found the Longworth @ Large column [“Black & Decker are power tools for Easley”; Aug. 9, 2006] so much like a letter to the editor I wrote to the News & Record earlier this year. I think Jim Longworth is right on the money with pulling the plug or the batteries from the Black & Decker tools. They have disgraced the great state of North Carolina. In my letter I also noted that not only had none of our incumbent legislators, save one lone democrat with the republicans, spoken about removing or asking Mr. Black to step down. They tarnish themselves with the ugly and disgusting filth that is speaker Jim Black, a dishonest and it certainly appears crooked politician. I am still calling on all three of them to speak up and say speaker Black must go. Then return the thousands of dollars they have taken from him. Or donate the money to a worthy cause. I doubt that they will, they have the power he gives them and they don’t want to lose it. So they are just as ugly and disgusting, dishonest and crooked as the man they stand with, Jim Black! I can know that when I am elected to replace Maggie Jeffus, there won’t be any opportunity for even the appearance of being crooked.

Jim Rumley

Brown Summit

Editor’s note: Jim Rumley is running for the District 59 seat in the NC House of representatives.

A Will Sheff fan

Lovely recap [“Will Sheff goes solo for latest tour”; Aug. 16, 2006; by Amy Kingsley]! I saw Will Sheff on Aug. 3 in Wilmington, and was surprised at the crowd’s apathy about the whole thing. There were maybe five or six people in the crowd who were honestly paying attention and, in fact, Sheff repeatedly asked if people would stop talking. I thought the show was phenomenal regardless! His (literal and figurative) voice is so real it’s unreal. I can’t wait for the Okkervil River fall tour … I only wish they would come through South Carolina, too.

Sara Miller

Charleston, SC