Letters to the Editor


Justice in the Gulf

How can all this evidence be used to send all the crooks to jail [“Profiles in profiteering”; Aug. 30, 2006; by Jordan Green]? And it goes all the way to the top. A lot of people have suffered more from this than from the winds and floods of Katrina herself.

I spent close to six months on the Gulf Coast with the alternative, independent relief effort and we heard such horror stories of survival and loss, but none so heartbreaking as the ones from corrupt contractors, and FEMA’s favoritism, and insurance companies refusing to pay that destroyed the spirits of these same victims.

Something soon must be done to stop this way of doing business in the USA, and the guilty must be brought to justice! Are Lousiana and Mississippi attorney generals ready to fight the biggest and baddest corrupt corporations in the world and their puppet leadership?

The house of cards must be toppled and the voice of the people be heard! The emperor has no clothes! End the war in the Middle East. End the wars on the people and on the Mother Earth Herself! How were things allowed to escalate to this point? Has everyone gone to sleep like sheep to the slaughter?

The movement is so underground, on e-mails, on the internet. The media otherwise is the sounding board of this administration. People don’t think they have a choice because we aren’t seeing the alternative as much, if at all in the media. There is more violence and despair in the world than ever I remember in my lifetime since 2001 when GW was sworn in. Let it go down as one of the turning points in world history.

Please tell me something will be done about this and justice will prevail in the light of truth!

Robin Rooney

New Orleans

Who’s a racist?

Ms. Kingsley,

How are you defining racism [“Protestors turn Labor Day into a rally against racism”; Sept. 6, 2006; by Amy Kingsley]?

Most blacks support the quota system of Affirmative Action, which is the systematic discrimination against white Gentiles. Millions of blacks attend these Million Man Marches, an event sponsored by a group, many of whose leaders call for the extermination of whites. Many blacks support re-segregating schools, because they believe black children learn better in that kind of environment.

Blacks are encouraged to form racially defined organizations, to appoint racially defined leaders and to openly promote the ethnic interests of their racial family.

One of the most popular black entertainers is Ice Cube: TV producer, rap star, movie star. He is a member of the Nation of Islam and was asked at a past Emmy Awards ceremony to apologize for a rap song he published that promoted the indiscriminate murder of whites: He refused to denounce it.

Is the above how you define “racism”?


Jill Henrie

Lincoln, Neb.

Barnes and Tasers must go

Tasers are considered as a “less than lethal” weapon [“Forum on Tasers in schools reveals sharp divide”; Aug. 30, 2006; by Jordan Green]. That doesn’t bring much comfort. The weapon itself has a warning printed on it, “not to be used on children under 13 years of age”. Barnes considers himself an expert and puts himself on a pedestal above all. He believes he is all-knowing and all-powerful. Well watch out, that pedestal is way up there and it is a long way down. Parents should have been given some choices in this matter. Parents vote him out.

Sandra Russel

Pleasant Garden

Hollaback from Triad Stage

Hey Brian,

Just coming up for air from our first (packed) student matinee of Anne Frank, but I wanted to tell you how much we’re all enjoying your cover article [“The Process”; Sept. 13, 2006; by Brian Clarey]. It’s a most interesting and colorful telling of the process, and you’ve really captured Preston’s persona throughout! Thanks so much for shining a spotlight on what we do here at Triad Stage.

Don’t be a stranger!

Connie Mahan


The writer is the communications director for Triad Stage in Greensboro

Steppin’ to reality

I enjoyed your article [“Steppin’ Up”; Sept. 6, 2006; by Amy Kingsley]. You definitely captured the excitement of one of the largest step shows in the US. While I wasn’t in attendance of the show, I sort of felt like I was there reading your interpretation of it. I did feel that you were quite unfair to the ladies of Sigma Gamma Rho not just because they are my sorors but because they actually placed in the show but all they got was a little blurb while other orgs who did not place received a bit more imagery to their show. You did an excellent job capturing the behind the scenes mood for the Alphas as all those who perform can definitely relate to all that you described! Excellent background information and research. At any rate it was great subject matter and a good read.


Zarinah Washington

Inglewood, Calif.