Letters to the Editor


Corndale lament

Hearing about Corndale’s last show was bittersweet [“Emotions high as rock house folds”; Oct. 4, 2006; by Jordan Green]. I recently moved away from Greensboro, but in the past I went to many shows there, but not enough. Being in New Orleans now, there’s no shortage of live music, and the sound is usually better than that of a house show, but that’s what’s special about a place like Corndale in a city like Greensboro: There’s almost nowhere else for those bands (and those fans) to go. Think about it: You don’t need a PA, you don’t need a bar, you don’t need a cover, you don’t need a lighting guy, you don’t need a demo. You just need a basement and some friends.

Where’s it gonna be now? Who’s gonna pick up the torch?

Matthew Shelton

New Orleans

Longworth stirs it up

Thank you Mr. Longworth for taking the higher road and exposing Brad Miller for the toadish politician that he is [“Longworth’s encounter with Brad Miller”; Sept. 9, 2006; by Jim Longworth]. This shows what’s wrong with our two-party political system and how the power of incumbency blinds them to the rights of “We the People” to hear real debates and discussions of pertinent issues. My opinion is that this proves how extreme liberals are just as guilty of promoting fascism as the neocons.

I believe Mr. Robinson is definitely the better man. I normally would not vote for any Demopublican or Republicrat, but if I lived in District 13, I would vote for Vernon!

Jack D. Wyatt


To the editor:

Regarding “Longworth’s Encounter with Brad Miller” and the columnist’s comment that “Miller was becoming obsessed and angered with my columns and commentaries,” I sense as much an obsession on Longworth’s part with Miller’s choice not to appear on his program. Consider the situation. On one side is Miller, a decent man who has done much for his district and the country during his brief time in office, and on the other side is Robinson, an unprincipled scoundrel who takes pride in practicing the sleaziest of politics, even to the point of making unfounded personal attacks on his opponent and his family. Given the circumstances and the low likelihood of any meaningful debate with Robinson, why would Miller subject himself to a public encounter with such a morally venal opponent, regardless of the venue and the mediator? As for Longworth taking offense that Miller chooses to believe his staff instead of a reporter, I commend the congressman for his loyalty. As a businessman, I will always support my employees against an outsider, especially when it is simply one person’s word against another. Perhaps Mr. Longworth should re-evaluate his importance in the political arena.


John S. Davis


Burlington gives back

Mr. Overman

Thanks so much for the kind comments about Burlington. Presently being the city manager and formerly the recreation and parks director, I am obviously biased in my thoughts but Burlington really is a fine place to live, work and raise a family. Coming back from the reduction of the textile industry has not been easy but honestly the growth of a service base economy while honoring the history and need for manufacturing has made the community stronger.

Thanks again for your article,

Harold Owen