Letters to the Editor


Liberal Middle Easterner

I just wanted to say I enjoy YES! Weekly and your articles and columns in particular. I am perhaps the rare politically liberal Middle Eastern (Turkish) American. I think your column on 9-11 was excellent [“Our lost opportunity after 9-11”; Sept. 14, 2006; by Jordan Green] and I hope the sick-minded right-wing fanatic who wrote a nasty letter to you does not change your mind about what you wrote. I projected that the war in Iraq could be a fiasco from the outset. I even wrote a respectful letter to a Republican congressman from Virginia that I know about my views because I felt so strongly about them. It makes me sick that so many of our troops have died there, but I seriously doubt it will ‘stabilize’ the Middle East, or make us any safer from terrorism.

I think Muslim fundies ‘over there’ and conservative Christians/right-wing fanatics in our country are pretty much of the same ilk. One may prefer to have women wear veils, the other may be a militant pro-lifer, but they are essentially not that much different’… at the end of the day, they both secretly stash Penthouse under their mattresses’…. There are many open-minded people in Turkey and in the Arab world, as there are pragmatic Christians, but alas the radicals are the ones who make headlines here. And, as it is, the image of American Christians is very negative in the Middle East because of radical things that the likes of Jerry Falwell have said about the Muslim faith. So because of these awful people here and there all of us have to live in peril.

I have talked to Glen Baity a few times. Ironically, we are both film fanatics and I replaced him at ***The Reidsville Review***. After realizing that paper was a nightmare, I left after two months and now work at Danville Community College. But, your work and others like you gives me hope that there is journalism… alas, too many companies like Fox and Media General have way too much power and control! Keep up the great work,

Tilly Gokbudak

Salem, Va.

Got Longworth’s (and Robinson’s) back

I deal with illegals everyday [“Longworth’s encounter with Brad Miller”; Oct. 11, 2006; by Jim Longworth]. Let’s hope to elect people that are tired of becoming a “third” world country. To each and everyone that hires these “felons,” I say this: You are only supporting the downfall of this once great country. Every “felon” you hire is taking your money and strengthening the likes of MS 13, a nasty group of people who only want to tear our nation apart. I hope we can elect people who will fight to have all of these “felons” removed from our country. No ifs, ands or buts. Start giving out $10,000 fines for each “felon” on a job site. It makes me sick to go to my local market and see illegals using food stamps to purchase their groceries’… or to go to the hospital and see them lined up out the door with their Medicare cards in their hands. We must stop this now! Remember people’… they pay no taxes, why must we pay for their food and health care? Why? Because of people like Brad Miller’… bleeding heart, gutless, spinless whuzz! He probably has a construction outfit run with a bunch of illegals, making him millions. Get him out! These people laugh at our laws’… laugh at what cowards we are, they think we are scared of them. They have another thing coming, and their names are Virgina, Jim, Richard and, my favorite, Vernon. Take a good look at California’… see what the illegals have done for the City of Angels’… gangs, killings, drugs, rapes’… the list goes on. The time is now, don’t think our voices don’t matter. We must write letters, make phone calls, make yourself heard.

Richard Miller


The Pricey is right

Piedmont Conservation Voters is a Triad-based citizens committee which for 10 years has supported candidates with good records in the protection of public health, clean air and water, and our natural environment. We are very pleased to announce that our first endorsement of 2006 went to NC Rep. Pricey Harrison in the 57th House District. This year, she successfully advocated for state assistance to provide emergency drinking water for families with contaminated wells.

She is also a strong and effective supporter of the “polluter pays” principle for enforcing our environmental laws. She sponsored successful legislation to increase the penalties on violators of coastal resources protection laws, thereby helping to ensure that we will have cleaner coastal waters that yield safe, fresh seafood for all.

Finally, Harrison understands the importance of a low-pollution, affordable energy supply for our future. She continues to press for legislation that will encourage the wider use of clean alternative fuel vehicles and renewable electric generation sources.

We urge all voters in the 57th House District to support Pricey Harrison in November.

Tom Duckwall


The writer is the secretary of Piedmont Conservative Voters

Emberellas clarify

In response to the recent write up on the Re.Envision Art show [“Trashy event benefits Southern forests”; Oct. 11, 2006; by Amy Kingsley], although we were flattered by the coverage, we want to clarify that we, the Emberellas, do not associate’ with the opinions expressed by the opening act. Due to a miscommunication we were not fully aware of its content. We would like to express to the general public and future audiences that it is never our intention to offend people, but rather to entertain and inspire. We had hoped that this show would promote recycling and a creative reuse, as environmental protection is an issue dear to our hearts. We are an open-minded group and we respect all religious differences and beliefs.

We are also happy to announce that, thanks to this show, were able to donate $120 in proceeds to the Dogwood Alliance to help the prevent the destruction of south eastern forests by clear cut logging. Approximately 6 million acres of the South’s forests are logged every year largely to make paper. Our donation will be used to help persuade/provoke our country’s largest paper distributors including Staples, Office Depot and Office Max to purchase paper with a higher percentage of recycled content and institute other green policies, helping to preserve the beauty and diversity of North Carolina’s forests.


The Emberellas

Micha Merrick, Patika Starr and Christine Geiger