Letters to the Editor


Props for the artist

Hi Erik,

Just a quick confirmation about your article in YES! Weekly [“Quieting an artist’s inner critic”; Oct. 11, 2006; by Erik Beerbower]. You told it as it is. All of us who are trying to make a living at creation have a very difficult task and surrounding ourselves with positive people is a must.


Ken Hobson


Our favorite GSO Hawaiian

I believe that it was the right choice in 2004, that Kay Cashion was appointed to the County Board of Commissioners, to fill then-elected Register of Deeds Jeff Thigpen’s unexpired term. District 6 has been well represented by Kay Cashion’s stewardship.

What I want to put out to all those who are registered to vote, and who will take the time to vote, is to look at your ballot very clearly. There seems to be a “glitch,” on the ballot, that may confuse and/or invoke, name recognizing. Not name recognition.

You will find two Albrights on the ballots.’ There is the Albright, Stuart, and then, there is the Albright, Lonnie. Albright, Stuart, has name recognition. As for the other Albright, well, he’s just on the ballot.

District 6 voters, don’t be misled, when you are casting your vote for county commissioner. Kay Cashion’s stewardship, not only for District 6, but, for the whole county warrants her return to the Board of Commissioners.

The right to vote is a sacred privilege, and your strong voice starts here!

Don’t forget, there is early voting for your convenience. Contact the Board of Elections, for the nearest voting polling place in your area.

Aloha pumehana,

Edward Bruce Keohohou