Letters to the Editor


Podcasting pastor


It was really a pleasure to do the interview with you recently. I wanted to thank you for the great article you wrote [“Church harnesses digital technology to spread gospel”; Nov. 29, 2006; by Jordan Green]. Everyone really enjoyed it and we have gotten positive community response. If we can ever be of service with any of your pieces in the future, just let me know.


Joseph Moore


Ed. note: Joseph Moore is pastor at Adams Farm Community Church

Bill Blake won’t run

I’m no politician but I’ll be damned before you and I “come together’ to help participate in surrender [“The War is Over”; Dec. 13, 2006]. If Democrats want to pull out than they can take full credit for pulling out and the additional violence that takes place in the aftermath.

Bill Blake

College Station, Texas

Living in denial

Please – spare me the bullshit [“Free speech, but for what?”; Dec. 20; 2006]. Take the Jewish dick out of your mouth and open your eyes. Austria released [David] Irving today because even they are beginning to wake up to the fact that the reason people question the holohoax is for exactly the same reason they question 9-11 many legitimate questions and no forthcoming answers.

You want more circulation? Jesus Christ, write something original.

Chris Womak


Ed. note: David Irving was released from an Austrian jail last week after serving 13 months for denying the Holocaust, a crime in that country. From an Associated Press brief: “During his one-day trial earlier this year, Irving pleaded guilty to the charge of denying the Holocaust but maintained he never questioned it in the first place.”

Didn’t bother to read it because it was pretty much identical to about 1,900 other articles. I wouldn’t forward it to anyone either, because it was just one more piece of garbage written by a delusional moron that couldn’t name four Polish “death camps” without consulting Deborah Lipstadt first.

Wake up and smell reality -the Jews aren’t well loved and/or sympathized with anymore.

Curt Maynard

Ed. Note: Curt Maynard writes for the Vanguard News Network and David Duke’s website and is a frequent internet commenter. He blogs under the name “Chris Womak.”

LOL, yeah, you really need freedom of speech to print your boilerplate lies about diversity You bet. Give us a break.

Does the anonymous clown who wrote this editorial really think he can go head to head with Robert Faurisson, whose utter, complete, and final destruction of the Holocaust lie you can find on the internet?

Alex Linder

Kirksville, Mo.

Ed. note: Alex Linder is the owner of the Vanguard News Network, an organization whose motto is, “No Jews, Just Right.”

Triad’s Idol

Thanks for the snippet of insight into the life of Chris Daughtry [“The transformation of Chris Daughtry”; Dec. 20, 2006; by Jordan Green]. I enjoyed the article. I think Chris is very talented – on and off “American Idol.”

Merry Christmas.

Maggie White

You have written a very positive article. My son and I saw Chris perform twice in Bridgeport, Conn. At the show in September, we had backstage passes and an opportunity to meet him. Chris is very grounded, and strikes me as sincere, humble and kind. His family is second most important only to Christ, and then comes his music. I believe he has it in the right order and believe it will stay in that order for him. He strikes me as the kind of person who will not flinch at success and would walk away from it if it interfered with his family’s well being. I admire that and am pleased I had the opportunity to tell him so. He will become more successful than anyone has even imagined.

Susan M.

Milford, Conn.

Great article, but it reads as though the label and management had the band sorted out before Idol even started (“a scant four months later’…”)

If that’s the case, perhaps his 4th place finish was rigged by Uncle Clive after all.

Still, who cares. Chris is awesome.

Thanks for the story.

Paula McCoy

I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed your article on Chris Daughtry. I have been a fan of his since I saw the audition tape. I get a thrill everytime I read something from someone who also values him.

Eleanor Guill

Halifax, Va.