Letters to the Editor

Behind Bratton

As a 23-year-old proud progressive Democrat and a nearly lifelong Greensboro resident, I have held YES! Weekly in high esteem since it appeared on the scene as a valuable alternative to the News & Record and Rhino Times, covering important stories in more detail and providing a much-needed progressive perspective. However, your half-hearted endorsement of Howard Coble for Congress has taken your credibility down a few notches [Oct. 29, 2008]. I wouldn’t have minded it so much if you had provided good reasons for backing his re-election. That his constituent services are “legendary” and that “we kind of like the old rascal” are the flimsiest reasons to endorse someone I have ever heard, and his double-standard on the bailout only shows that he is willing to go where the political winds blow rather than take a principled stand. Coble has voted with the Bush Administration’s failed policies nearly 75 percent of the time, and his so-called criticism of the Iraq war has been only in word and not in deed. Yes, he is an affable old gent, but he has served in Congress longer than I have been alive, and it is clearly time for a change. Nearly any elected official can provide excellent constituent services if they hire good staff and commit to doing so, and if elected, Teresa Sue Bratton will hire many members of Coble’s constituent services team. What matters in an elected official is that his or her voting record is truly representative of the collective best interests of his or her constituents, and Coble’s failure to lead on healthcare, job creation, energy and the environment shows that he is woefully out of touch. We do have a “smart, driven, progressive and well-informed” alternative in Dr. Teresa Sue Bratton, and I cannot understand why such qualities do not make her worthy of your endorsement. To endorse Coble’s failed leadership and a voting record largely in lock-step with the party line supposedly in the interest of “a fair representation of a state which is so demographically diverse” shows poor judgment and ignorance of the facts. I hope that YES! Weekly’s readers will dig deeper and learn what’s really at stake in the 6 th District race and cast a vote for Teresa Sue Bratton. Malcolm Kenton


Palin is hot

I thought Senator John McCain didn’t have horse sense to run a decent campaign, but he fooled me when he chose Sara Palin as his running mate. He looked at the number of people who voted for Sen. Hillary Clinton, looked at the demographics of women voters in America and decided that it was a smart move to choose an attractive woman as his campaign mate. Sen. McCain has set in motion a movement which will eventually elect a woman as president. The glass ceiling has been broken. Governor Palin is a real beauty. She oozes sugar and honey, speaks well, and knows how to spellbound a crowd. When I first saw pictures of her and heard her speak, I thought that McCain had made a winning move — a move that would take him into the White House. But after the public’s initial reaction, we have discovered that Gov. Sara Palin is just an attractive bimbo who can’t think on her feet. She doesn’t dare hold a press interview where she can be tossed questions that she has not been rehearsed on. I would like to see a 10-page lay out of her in Playboy magazine where she would show all of her beauty. She is sure not going to do any good as a running mate for McCain, but she can be a crowd pleaser and a photographic legend in polictics. Sen. Obama is the most intellectual politician to run for the presidency since Robert Kennedy. He speaks well, thinks well, can think on his feet and knows history. I hope that there is not an October surprise planned by the wickedness of George W. Bush, such as Operation Northwoods which was planned by the military, but never executed, in the 1950s. I can’t help but think that old Cocaine Bush either planned 9-11 or had intelligence reports that 9-11 was about to happen. Until that event happened, Cocaine Bush’s popularity was very low. Another terrorist event like 9-11 just before election day would be a dream event for George W. that would make Obama loose the election. Get to the polls and elect Obama. Mickey Colbert


The wall is always dryer

This is in response to your article “Scenes from a complicated life: A crazy Drywall fantasy” [Oct. 22, 2008, by Brian Clarey]. Your friend Dr. Lawyer sounds like a person, along with yourself, who continually wonders about the what-ifs, or perhaps from time to time you think the grass is greener on the other side of the fence. Well Drywall Joe is thinking just the way you are. His wife too is the Boss, and his children bring him joy at night, and the bills never seem to be paid regardless of the amount of Drywall that gets delivered. So what’s the real deal? Life throws all of us curve balls. The good, the bad and the ugly are always lurking around the corner to slap us in the face and dare us to rise and continue. You and our Dr. Lawyer friend are a few that bring the good into people’s lives. Being in a position to change how people feel or see themselves is a power that not too many people possess. My advice to the both of you when you reminisce is to remember the good old times as an era in your life when you had the stamina to do unintelligent things and the guidance to keep on track to obtain a comfortable lifestyle. Most importantly, both of you have chosen careers that influences the way people look at the world and themselves. I’m sure Drywall Joe reads your articles or sits in the doctor’s chair and sublimely you should feel a great satisfaction. If this is not enough, just remember to always be slapped by good, avoid the bad and step on the ugly.

Shirley Wendler

Rouserect, NY