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Seeking to endorse

Hey my name is Eric Turner, bass player for Koozie and also The 5L’S. Both bands play all over the Triad on a regular basis, and I wanted to know if I could stop by your offices to pick up a stack of YES! Weekly stickers to put on our equipment (cases, amps, speakers, trailers,etc.). I have already had your stickers on my bass equipment for some time now, but would love to up the visibility a little more on everything else. Our shows are featured in your upcoming events quite often and it would benefit the both of us a great deal! Anything else you may have, that has your name on it, that we could use would be fine too. Let me know if this is okay and I’ll stop in whenever its most convenient! Thanks for being the biggest supporters of the music scene I’ve seen in years! Eric Turner Greensboro

Happy trails

Jordan, Thanks for your informative article on the important Morton/Richardson/Mountains to Sea Trail project [“Undeveloped Guilford tracts could be used for trails”; Nov. 26, 2008; by Jordan Green]. It is rare to have all the stars aligned when this many players are involved. But if the BOCC approves the purchase of the Richardson property on Dec. 11 we will preserve 443 pristine acres of beautiful uplands and sensitive wetlands, protect the quality of the water in Lake Townsend, and provide a key link for the Mountains-to-Sea Trail. John Young Greensboro

I enjoyed the article “Undeveloped Guilford tracts could be used for trails” for two reasons. First I am a former member of the Guilford County Open Space Committee, and second my great grandfather (Neuma Marsh) used to work with the grandfather of the man trying to sell his property to Guilford County. These two pharmacists worked and made medicine together. One got a patent for Vicks VapoRub and created a family fortune, the other one didn’t. I believe that the federal government, and local and state governments, should do as much as possible to preserve open space areas, especially since the “free” market won’t. We need more parks, wooded areas, animal sanctuaries and wildlife preserves. But I don’t think that it is a good idea for any government to give millions of dollars to people who

have already inherited millions of dollars. Our government shouldn’t subsidize rich people. Chuck Mann Greensboro

Holiday cheer

Dear Editor, My name is Hannah Lankford, I went to eat lunch after church today at a resturant called Country Kitchen, and to my suprise, noticed a familar face on the cover of the YES! Weekly newspaper [“Homeless for the holidays: Amber’s story”; Nov. 26, 2008; by Carole Perkins]. This familiar face was a former classmate in an English class at the beginning of this school year but I ended up dropping the course. As I read his family’s heartbreaking story I was shocked to find out that one of my former classmates was homeless. My Sunday school class at church has some money saved up and we were trying to figure out what to do with it for the holidays. I was going to get in touch with some type of foster home and give a few kids a Christmas they would never forget. Unfortunately, I couldn’t get in touch with social services and I feel there is a reason for this. I have been praying about who we should spend our money on this Chrismas but I think I found an answer. I was wondering how I could possibly go about giving this family a wonderful Christmas. If you would please help me. Hannah Lankford Greensboro