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Letters to the Editor Send yours to How did Ogi get into Iraq Press Conference?

Shoe tosser revealed?

How did Ogi Overman manage to slip into that press conference in Iraq? His accuracy reminded me of Tim Wakefield on a bad day. Can we buy him a new pair of size 10-1/2s? Larry Keech Greensboro

An offer concealed?

I just want to say thanks to you guys for helping the Triad take notice of me and the film, and it also helped bring out some great talent to the casting call this past Saturday [Local Talent; Rashone Washington; Dec. 10, 2008]. About 150 people showed out and I even had a minister of a church come try out for a part and she received a part in the movie. I also had a father and son show out as well as a family of three girls and their brother, and they also received supporting cast spots. So thanks to you guys Brian Clarey and kenny Lindsay. Oh! And Brian, I have a spot for you as the leading character in the next project, a romantic comedy titled My Life, Who Cares? I’m gonna start writting it in March, let me know… Thanks again guys you are great Rashone Washington Greensboro

Clarey replies: That sounds like the film I was born to make.

Stories congealed?

Hi Brian, just wanted to say I’ve really enjoyed a couple of recent articles. I knew about open space plans but your piece was so much more informative and interesting than anything else I’ve read [“Undeveloped Guilford tracts could be used for trails”; Nov. 26, 2008; by Jordan Green]. Thanks also for the piece on the illusion of money [Crashing the Gate: “It’s only make-believe: the paradox and pain of money”; Nov. 26, 2008; by Brian Clarey] and on the tragedy surrounding Ransom Hobbs and Deb Moy (the first I’ve read about them) [“It happened in Greensboro”; Dec. 3, 2008; by Brian Clarey]. Keep up the great work! Wes Isley Greensboro